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Full Version: First Pug infected by Coronavirus
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A pug in the US has been diagnosed with a confirmed case of coronavirus

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As soon as the unlucky pup stopped eating his food, his owners knew something was wrong.

A pug in North Carolina has tested positive for the coronavirus, marking the first known infection in a dog in the United States, according to US media.

The pet, named Winston, was part of a Duke University study on April 1 in which the whole household was tested for the virus, local TV channel WRAL reported.

“The virus that causes COVID-19 was detected” in the dog, Dr Chris Woods, the lead investigator of the university’s Molecular and Epidemiological Study of Suspected Infection, told the outlet, adding that he believed it was the country’s first such case.

In the household, the mother, father and son also tested positive while the daughter, another dog and a cat tested negative. The family’s pet lizard was not tested.

The pug was exhibiting mild symptoms for a few days, according to the mother, Heather McLean.

“There was one day when he didn’t want to eat his breakfast, and if you know pugs, you know they love to eat, so that seemed very unusual,” she told WRAL.

The pug joins the ranks of a Pomeranian in Hong Kong that was the world’s first dog to test positive for the virus in February.

so they don't have the means to test citizens, but they can test dogs? I call bullshit.
That is truly miraculous, seeing that the virus that causes COVID-19 had not yet been isolated.

Until now, that is.

Did they say anything about why the now miraculously isolated virus did not jump from one dog to the other dog?
it's been found in tigers, cats and dogs, bats etc.

so many zoonotic transfers.

What is likely is that the "test" tests for something that is quite prevalent in many living organisms
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He's getting better but he still has the sniffles and the runs.

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they are going to start slamming the pet owners soon. this is 2-3 years down the line.
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