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Full Version: Pride Resurrection #27 - Pride FC 23 "Championship Chaos 2!" Review
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Starts in ten minutes

This is Pride 23

Hirotaka Yokoi vs. Jerrel Venetiaan
Kevin Randleman vs. Kenichi Yamamoto
Ricardo Arona vs. Murilo Rua
Fedor Emelianenko vs. Heath Herring
Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Semmy Schilt
Wanderlei Silva vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara
Hidehiko Yoshida vs. Don Frye

***FIGHT OMITTED*** Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Gilles Arsene
this is a new video?

i like the old school production values
***FIGHT OMITTED*** Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Gilles Arsene

thank gd.... that was one of the worst fights ever
the frye yoshida armbar does look suspect.. however Frye's arm was truly fucked. I remember seeing afte rpics
ROyce was for sure out in this one


lol @ fools who thought this was a setup


Royce couldn't tap because he went unconscious

how many hours did people on the OG waste debating this fight?

the Frye /Yoshida fight is more suspicious, but Don wasn't the smartest fighter

I do think though that Yoshida threw it for the 2nd Royce fight....
(04-17-2020 02:14 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]this is a new video?

i like the old school production values

It just showed up on my youtube page with a clock ticking down, looked like somebody was going to run the old event on his youtube channel. Wound up being edited with annoying personal commentary from the dude. I turned it off after 15 minutes or so.

Too bad. And sorry, false alarm.
yeah the dude is clearly a BJJ nuthugger.

the Frye fight is odd, but considering Yoshida went toe to toe with Wanderlei and beat some of the best, the fight most likely was not a work.
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