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Full Version: President Trump's expects coronavirus...
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...to peak in two weeks, with a recommended to keep safety precautions until April 30th??!!

In line with that I HEREBY suspend my hunt fro Matt Abbott??!!
Dr Fauci is walking down his predictions of potential US deaths??!!
137,294 affected in the US with 2414 dead, which equals to 1.5% death rate??!! And countries like Italy have 10,000 deaths doesn't make sense??!!
if the CV is indeed a serious threat and there is a too quick return to the regular programming then it's just going to start spreading again, perhaps more significantly since people will have let their guards down to enjoy escaping the "cabin fever".

and these same people will never stop complaining......complain how they never have enough time for things like reading a book or exercise which they like to imagine themselves doing and then they get the time and they complain they are bored and suffering cabin fever!
I think Macys will fully close after this, and Sears too??!!
sweden is not locking down at all and they have the thing under control
it better work..

you have at least 80% less activity and people basically avoiding each other as the plague

if it didn't work it would be chemtrails
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