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Full Version: Japan Vale Tudo 98 Opening
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Vale Tudo 98 was a classic event. I still have the original video tape
Enson armbarred Couture in the main event. BJJ was becoming obsolete around this time, but Enson was still tapping high level opponents from his back.

JJ Machado was destroyed by Trigg in the same card:

the 2000 SHOOTO

trigg vs. sakurai CLASSIC

Awesome kayo. Sakurai was easily the #1 170er around this time, even though he looked closer to 155 or 145 standing next to Trigg.
japan still had a technique advantage back in those days
Those were exciting times in MMA. I was learning BJJ at the time, but for some reason was always rooting against BJJ, LOL
yeah many of the BJJ guys are annoying

many not all, lack budo and seem to be complainers

BJJ also has a cult-ish type of vibe that is absent in other disciplines like BOXING, JUDO, KARATE etc.
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