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they are capitalizing on the fear of the unknown
hence why the MSM is allowing all kinds of contradictory messages about COVID

people really have no solid idea what this is

and not MANY real life docs of people afflicted with it
Icke has been on the money about this since day one about this. He said not to jump to conclusions until we could see the events unfold, and see how the elite were playing it.

It is classic Problem, Reaction, Solution.
people were fooled by a lot of fake media coming out of China with unverified video people dropping dead and the unprecedented quarantine measures

now that the virus has spread to the west and worldwide there are nearly NONE or ZERO vids of the same people dropping dead

not even any vids of people recovering or getting treated in hospitals

[Image: C14-E107-C-E481-4191-8-FA8-CDFA723-C9-F18.jpg]

A new one on 5G and the Virus, it's very good.

spoke to a T-mobil guy a few days ago, he says all the 5G towers are going up NOW
intuitively 5G has something to do with this

prob due to the resistance against 5G cells going up..
Icke nails the whole thing in the video I posted.
where are the informational videos about COVID and the mechanism + how it is tested for?

no videos.
locking people down like this is not consitutional, esp. since this is NOT PANDEMIC

if it has a HUGE mortality rate, then yes, but this thing DOES NOT HAVE A HUGE MORTALITY RATE

does anyone know ANYONE who has COVID?
Icke is one of the FEW REAL CT guys left..


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