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Full Version: Say It Ain't So Bob!
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Bob Weir is Bohemian Grove!

Bob laughs it off.

An RT report on the Bohemian Grove.

What a long strange trip indeed.

Well I guess now we know why Jerry wanted out eh.
bohemian is actually composed of a bunch of hippies and artists. it's not a strictly right wing thing.

it's a curious mix of the anglo right wing and northern california hippies/writers etc.
I was never the the "go to camp" kind of kid.

If I was the most powerful person in the world that is the last thing I would want to be doing.

The Greatful Dead have long been accused of being a CIA creation.

I suppose that it's not all that surprising that Bob Weir would end up and The Grove talking with the founder of the OSS.

I like a few of their songs but never could never really get into them like some of my friends in college...so it doesn't really break my heart if that's true.

But one of my personal favorite musicians, Josh Ritter, is certainly a member of the Luciferians.

I still listen to him anyway.
grateful dead were responsible for handing out the LSD etc. during the concerts.

they were involved in some way with Mk ULTRA
Quote:Musician-Songwriters Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead participated in experiments wiith LSD in a controlled enviroment at a university in the San Francisco Bay area in the very late 1950's or very early 1960's. The experiments were sponsored by, you guessed it, the United States government. And they were paid for being guinea pigs. Meanwhile, future Grateful Dead member Bob Weir stated he was buying LSD at the back door of a bordello in San Francisco in the early 1960's. Manufactured by Sandoz Corp.
^ thanks for the additional info DEAN
These hippie bands were largely a creation of the military industrial complex.

Not that they were all bad...many were victims.

Abuse. Mind control. LSD experimentation. Even death.

But most of the one's that remain alive are part of the establishment, not an opposition to it.

Joan Baez and a few others may be exceptions.

But Bob Weir showing up and hanging out @ the Bohemian Grove just shows you what he is...a Bohemian Club creation.


This is a very complicated subject but if anybody's interested in reading, I'm going to be doing some research on it.

There is evidence to suggest that many of these things, music explosions and famous serial killers, were products of the MKUltra program.

In my opinion, they still are to this day.

Two big ones were the hippie movement of the 60's-70's and another was the grunge/alternative country movements of the early 90's.

I grew up enjoying that kind of music so it's not something I want to believe but facts are facts.

An interesting fact is that the Grateful Dead 'Dancing Bear' actually comes from a man named Owsley Stanly, who created what was called 'The Bear Research Group'.

The purpose of this group was the cook, manufacture, and distribute LSD and he made over a million dollars doing it.

His family, like many of the musicians, has a military and Air Force background.
no doubt in my mind that drugging people up is one of their MOs.

drug freedoms have increased greatly in the US.. not in the form of "illcit" drugs but big pharma made versions.

anyone can get this stuff by complaining about "phantom back pain" or "mysterious illnesses"
Oh yeah, my pharmacist friend deals with these people all the time.

He's from New York and, if doesn't know them, will flat out tell them to go "screw off" if the medication doesn't match the phantom illness(back pain, ect).

The problem is, many doctors will just write these things out for anybody who comes into the office.

Joan Baez was part of this group.

I found the above, very interesting, song from 1992...many years after movement was basically over.

How much of it still goes on today?
like the diagnostic tools are not that good.. so people can complain about extreme pain and still get these pain killers.

stuff like oxycontin is actually heroin
EY, what do think about Joan Baez singing about growing up a victim of SRA and being raped upon the alter of Baphomet?
that is friggin strange. I'm gonna do some research on this.

i still think the occult underpinning is the most important subject.

some say around 10% of anglo families are "satanic"
(06-18-2013 11:44 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]like the diagnostic tools are not that good.. so people can complain about extreme pain and still get these pain killers.

stuff like oxycontin is actually heroin

Some doctors are just corrupt. I have a friend who's doctor just gives him oxycontin and diazapam and it's been going on for three years, since he gave up alcohol. Now he's on this shit instead.
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