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Full Version: Another terrible Rizin Card wow
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Fight Card
Mikuru Asakura 9 Daniel Salas

Victor Henry 8 Masanori Kanehara

Roque Martinez 7 Hideki Sekine

Marcos Yoshiro de Souza 6 Falco Neto

Yuto Hokamura 5 Kenji Kato

Trent Girdham 4 Naoki Inoue

Vugar Kyaramov 3 Kyle Aguon

Kosuke Jitsukata 2 Ryo Sakai

Kenichi Takeuchi 1 Naoya Nakamura
Looks like one of those Shooto cards after PRIDE got all of their top lightweights. A feeder organization of domestic talent, and a money sink for the Yakuza.
good description

they should have never went for that RIZIN name.

very unattractive.

the floyd fight also did nothing to raise their profile.. in fact the fishiness of the fight TOOK from their credibility

it was far worse than PRO wrestling
main event.. looks amateur as shit

terrible reffing here... all around UNPROFESSIONAL

what a crap show


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