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Full Version: Virginia Is About To Require a Govt License for 'Art Therapy,' cuz glue is DANGEROUS
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Virginia Is About To Require a Government License for 'Art Therapy,' Because Glue and Scissors Are 'Potentially' Dangerous

Based on a study that cites such potential dangers as the "sharp edges" on scissors and "toxic chemicals" in glue, state lawmakers in Virginia are on their way to approving a new licensing law to cover art therapists.

There is no word on whether kindergartners will continue to be allowed to use these tools that, in the hands of unlicensed adults, apparently constitute a risk to public safety.

The Virginia state Senate voted unanimously this week to approve the legislation, sending the bill to the state Assembly for further consideration. The bill would create a new license for art therapists, but it is largely silent on the requirements for obtaining such a license. Instead, the legislature intends to offload those details to a newly created board—a board that will be staffed primarily by practicing art therapists.

That's a common practice when it comes to licensing laws. It's also one of the primary reasons why occupational licensing limits job opportunities. Boards that are controlled by members of the industry they are supposed to regulate frequently become anti-competitive cartels more interested in limiting who can do certain types of work. The most egregious example is probably Louisiana's ridiculous florist licensing board.

Art therapy is no more dangerous than arranging flowers. It's a growing practice—one that is, sadly, already licensed in some form by 12 other states—that incorporates psychotherapy with artistic media, usually by having patients express themselves through art. Practitioners say it can help individuals cope with stress and keep mental disorders under control.

Should that require a permission slip from the government?

"With its new state power, an art therapy licensing board could go after art teachers for advertising the mental health benefits of their classes or go after out-of-state art therapists for offering online classes," warns Andrew Wimer, communications director for the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit law firm that frequently challenges anti-competitive licensing laws. "Potential problems like these are why licensing should be a last resort used when there are real threats to public health and safety."

That's where the nonsense about glue and scissors comes in. In a report to the state legislature, the Virginia Board of Health Professions found no examples of public safety threats created by unlicensed art therapists. Undeterred, the group said the legislature should consider creating the new license anyway, because there are "basic art tools, such as paint and glue, which contain toxic chemicals that could cause harm should they be inhaled or ingested, scissors which have sharp edges capable of causing cuts or punctures, and objects such as clay, if thrown, could be considered potentially dangers."

The same report recommends that the state require a master's degree in art therapy as part of the to-be-determined criteria for obtaining an art therapy license.

Yes, the same scissors that thousands of other Virginians might use on a daily basis for dozens of different tasks would be, under this legislation, considered dangerous public threats if handled by an art therapist lacking an advanced degree.

this country has gone batshit insane.

you need a license to heal people through art



SO MUCH RACKETEERING it's not even funny

LICENSE to basically TEACH ART?




SATANISM folks. this is it right here.
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February.18.2020 at 11:55 am
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Jay Dee
February.18.2020 at 3:07 pm
It’s not about protectionism. It’s worse. It’s about hiring more bureaucrats who will contribute to the reelection of pliable Democrat politicians.

this is really about regulating and controlling people.

art is dangerous to the establishment.

artists are FREE THINKERS.

that is why the corporations FUND the artists....

art programs are always CUT FIRST
insanity.. INSANITY. even California wouldn't even require this nonsense:

Quote:In addition to national credentials, the practice of art therapy is regulated with professional art therapy licenses in the following states:

Connecticut (Clinical Licensed Art Therapist)
Delaware (Licensed Professional Art Therapist and Licensed Associate Art Therapist)
New Jersey (Licensed Professional Art Therapist)
New Mexico (Licensed Professional Art Therapist)
Kentucky (Licensed Professional Art Therapist)
Mississippi (Licensed Professional Art Therapist)
Maryland (Licensed Clinical Professional Art Therapist)
Oregon (Licensed Art Therapist and Licensed Certified Art Therapist)
States that regulate art therapy under another professional license:

Texas (Licensed Professional Counselor with Specialty Designation in Art Therapy)
New York (Art Therapy included in the Creative Arts Therapist License)
Pennsylvania (Art Therapy as a Related Field for the Professional Counselor License)
Wisconsin (Registered Art Therapist with a License to Practice Psychotherapy)
Utah (Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor License)
States recognizing art therapists for purposes of state hiring and/or title protection:

New Hampshire

it's all about CONTROL.


they want your SOUL.
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