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Full Version: Dr. Anthony Phan On Vaccines - Doctor Tearfully Apologizes To Parents
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(01-13-2020 04:28 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]

@11:50 he says, "They're telling the students, if the parents bring up questions about vaccinations, you dismiss them...and you just give them the shot anyway[!]. That is wrong. It's beyond money. It's beyond greed. It's evil. It's now good vs evil."

I'm sure some people think I overuse the word "evil" but after thinking about it for decades, things like (generational) greed, hatred, psychopathy, narcissism, racism, even imperialism and "white supremacy" simply cannot explain the monstrously evil things that some people, groups, countries do or support. Those pathologies are all just excuses.

IMO, EVIL is the ONLY explanation. Or, as I tend to think of it, "essential possession". IOW, if demon possession isn't real, it might as well be. That's how relentless and overwhelming the drive is for some people to harm and terrorize others, or just know that others are being harmed and terrorized if they are too cowardly to do it themselves (eg. Ameriklans "supporting the troops" or the "boys in blue").

How can doctors and dentists - aka enemies of humanity - continue to give mercury-laced vaccines and fillings to their patients knowing full well that mercury is one of the most toxic substances on earth?

Because they are EEEE-VIL to the core and have a profound contempt for other human beings. If it was really just about garden variety greed, they would say "Fuck this shit, I'll find another way to make money" (eg become a surgeon). "I don't need this shit on my conscience."

But med school is obviously designed to filter out most of the students with a strong moral compass and conscience.
I would like a tearful apology from Matt Abbott???!!!
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