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Full Version: Tenshin got utterly destroyed this thai fighter.. yet
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guess who won the decision


fight happened a year ago and I have never seen it

HUGE HUGE ROBBERY! k1 level corruption

9:40 Tenshin lands a rolling thunder to the side of the Thai fighter's skull. And he remains standing. WOW. How do you score that?

I only watched a bit, looked like Tenshin got the better of the boxing, slightly, and the Thai fighter worked the body and legs better.

Might watch the whole fight later.
Tenshin did ok in the 1st couple of rounds probably even

but the thai really destroyed him from the 3-5 rounds

very sad result judgement wise
you have 1352 upvotes

I have 13052 upvotes!!!!

Overall the Thai won. Not exactly a destruction but Tenshin was clearly flustered for most of the fight.
he was getting destroyed in the extra rounds

Tenshin was out of gas clearly

the Thai could have gone for a few more rounds
i mean he wasn't getting embarrassed but relative to how dominant he has been.. i call it a destruction!
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