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Full Version: BIBLE IS REAL? Vaccines now being used to insert biometric identities of everyone
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The ID2020 Alliance, as it’s being called, is a digital identity program that aims to “leverage immunization” as a means of inserting tiny microchips into people’s bodies. In collaboration with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, also known as GAVI, the government of Bangladesh and various other “partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief,” the ID2020 Alliance hopes to usher in this mark of the beast as a way to keep tabs on every human being living on Earth
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oh boy, everything they want to do , they do to your pets first

Microchipping is standard on pets, soon to be standard on HUMANS
this is not bullshit, it's a real thing:

The ID2020 Alliance has launched a new digital identity program at its annual summit in New York, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, vaccine alliance Gavi, and new partners in government, academia, and humanitarian relief.

The program to leverage immunization as an opportunity to establish digital identity was unveiled by ID2020 in partnership with the Bangladesh Government’s Access to Information (a2i) Program, the Directorate General of Health Services, and Gavi, according to the announcement.

“We are implementing a forward-looking approach to digital identity that gives individuals control over their own personal information, while still building off existing systems and programs,” says Anir Chowdhury, policy advisor at a2i. “The Government of Bangladesh recognizes that the design of digital identity systems carries far-reaching implications for individuals’ access to services and livelihoods, and we are eager to pioneer this approach.”

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Implanted microchips becoming popular in Sweden

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Self-described “body hacker” Jowan Osterlund from Biohax Sweden, holds a small microchip implant, similar to those implanted into workers at the Epicenter digital innovation business centre during a party at the co-working space in central Stockholm, Tuesday March 14, 2017. Microchips are being implanted into volunteers to help them open doors and operate office equipment, and its become so popular that members of the Epicentre cyborg club hold regular parties for those with the tiny chips embedded in their hands. (AP Photo/James Brooks)

(WVLT/ NPR) — According to a report from NPR, an increasing number of Swedes are having microchips implanted into their hands.

Users of the chip say it simplifies their lives.

So many people are interested in the technology that Sweden's main chipping company said it can't keep up with demand.

In a statement to NPR, the founder of one of the nation's top chipping companies, Jowan Osterlund said, "Having different cards and tokens verifying your identity to a bunch of different systems just doesn't make sense. Using a chip means that the hyper-connected surroundings that you live in every day can be streamlined."

Only 1 in 4 people living in Sweden use cash at least once a week, according to the report.

Experts say someday the chips could be used to make payments or serve as a train ticket.

However, Osterland said the current lack of support for the chip in other countries could prevent it from becoming a globally supported device any time soon.

"I have a hard time seeing the rest of the world following GDPR anytime soon. But at least all of Europe — I mean one continent — it's a good beginning."

Read the full report here.

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