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Full Version: Tulsi Gabbard training with Weili Zhang
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Apparently Gabbard helped Zhang with her visa, so she got a free workout with the team.

really slow punches from Gabbard lol
She got those big legs.
She don't need no special sauce. She got Tai Chi!

She does put power in those punches but not a lot of technique though
(10-25-2019 07:31 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]really slow punches from Gabbard lol

Yeah, really slow.

I'm really old but a fan of the Bruce Lee one inch punch.

Really teaches you how to hit how to throw a punch using the hips and core of the body.

She's a good example of shoulder punching.

As soon as you start to get tired, the snap in your punches disappears.

Even when I used to do some boxing and kickboxing, I would always keep the one inch punch concept to retain explosiveness as you get tired.

But I've never been the best at holding my hands up high and all that.

Good habit but in MMA it's usefulness is questionable.

Power and explosiveness as you get tired is more important as most people get nailed during an exchange anyway.

It's usually not seeing a counter-punch that ends somebody, not having your hands up high all the time.

That's my philosophy on punching.

But I'm more likely to just throw bombs and employ somewhat questionable boxing technique.

I guess that's why I prefer grappling.
(10-30-2019 04:23 AM)Chaos Reigns Wrote: [ -> ]She got those big legs.

as a female human, fighting is not the most necessary evolutionary trait for attracting potential mates.....though it seems we may now be in the process of evolving beyond traditional standards of feminine beauty shape to a more gender neutral standard so "thunder-thighs" might only appeal to the lesser evolved and soon to be extinct species of traditional gentlemen of regular habitBig Grin
(01-15-2020 04:57 PM)The Diet Butcher Wrote: [ -> ]She don't need no special sauce. She got Tai Chi!

TaiChi can be an excellent restorative practice. I won't get carried away claiming it's the ultimate cure for cancer but it has its place in complete holistic approach to health and martial arts training.

Boxing/Wrestling alone won't win MMA nor will TaiChi but TaiChi can help with striking/grappling mechanics because training 100% for 100% of time will lead to early decay, so good to spend some time training easy too and TaiChi is very good for that.
(01-15-2020 08:43 PM)Glimmer Wrote: [ -> ]She does put power in those punches but not a lot of technique though
Why do women wear sexy clothes to workout....the workout just another means to get attentionTongue the second girl punches more efficiently. As a now powerlifter, by method of training, Ic an say nothing builds strong abdominals like deadlifting. i doubt even an elire female boxer could hit hard enough to the body to have any effect on someone who can deadlift/squat 500, 600, 700 ....Smile

Real talk from a presidential candidate.

she seems to be the female version of ron paul

they need to keep some of these people around to make it look like there are dissenting opinions

Andrew Yang is more organic and imo is prob a closet CT guy
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