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Full Version: PRIDE Never Die! - Best of PRIDE FC (Highlight Reel)
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The good old days...

days that will never come back

the excitement, the passion, the pageantry

everything about pride was perfect


don't forget MICKEY MALT
Yeah the sport jumped the shark. It's nothing like the sport we grew to love back in those days. What we have today is a dying sport. The sport peaked and the UFC did everything wrong. Now you can't even buy a pay-per-view without having to buy ESPN plus first. it's basically watered down oversaturated garbage anymore. You really have to pick through the cards to find the good fight anymore.
I liked EARLY UFC.. it had a raw fresh feeling

so it's not like I only liked Japanese MMA

CORPORATE UFC like most CORPORATE american shit sucks the soul out of everything

everything is about lame sponsorships.. and they destroyed the element of RESPECT and MARTIAL ARTS in the process.

i just remember the excitement when there were 2 major orgs around

some people like UFC, some people like PRIDE.. it created a lot of passion and interest

now with the UFC monopoly and ONE FC and RIZIN basically not able to compete.. we have no options

I am however looking forward to the BOXING FIGHT between DONAIRE and INOUE though.. that will be the biggest fight
Epic highlight! Pride never did get a lot of support here in Europe but much like the K1 you can see the intensity and warrior mindset in the fighters. I also do believe a lot of the fightdynamics are dictated by fighting in a Ring or Octagon. In the octagon you can circle till you drop.. in the ring you are bound to get cornered some time and it makes for a much more dynamic and interesting fight then

The UFC fights are boring and often slowpaced. One punch/kick attacks before the inevitable shootdown, backing up, running away, running after your opponent trying to corner him etc. etc. There are good fights in the UFC but fighting in a ring gives you much more possibilities to set up combo's and corner someone. It just gets more interesting. One Fighting Championship is doing a lot of things right, but they have to ditch the octagon if they wanna get on top of their game
yep. the ring is so much better

better viewing more classy

and like you said less circling around
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