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Inspired by the very interesting Robert Johnson thread, I thought I'd start a thread of covers and remixes that IMO, are at least as good as the originals. Update: I've decided to include songs that have been covered a lot but have yet to be outdone.

If you contribute, if possible, remember to include the original and write the artist and title above the video so if ever it gets taken down people can still find an alternate version.

Robert Johnson - Crossroads Blues - the original

Eric Clapton - Crossroads Blues cover - funky

Siggi Schwarz - Crossroads Blues cover - raunchy

This one's not even close. I wonder if it's a bit embarrassing to have someone's cover so completely blow your original away. Anyways, you be the judge...

Fleetwood Mac - Songbird (original)

Eva Cassidy - Songbird (cover - one of my all time favorite songs)

Paul Rodgers, lead singer of Bad Company, is one of my favorite male vocalists. Great tone. I like these versions equally, for different reasons.

Bad Company - Bad Company (original)

Five Finger Death Punch - Bad Company (cover)

It's not easy to outdo the 'Queen of Soul' but IMO, Little Caesar's cover manages to do just that. This guy (Ron Young) has one of the most underrated voices in rock...

Aretha Franklin - Chain Of Fools (original)

Little Caesar - Chain Of Fools (cover)

I changed my mind. I thought I preferred Mariah's version but listening to them back to back, I prefer the original but it's close. Carey, as she's wont to do, over sings it a bit. Too much ego. Not enough reverence, for this song at least.

Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is (original)

Mariah Carey - I Want To Know What Love Is (cover)

This is the kind of shameful, racist shit in music that pisses me off. I was about to put the Kingsmen as the original artists but my gut told me to check and make sure that a black artist wasn't the original performer and surprise, surprise - NOT...

Richard Berry - Louie Louie (original - good)

The Kingsmen - Louie Louie (better)

Toots & Maytals - Louie Louie (even better but a bit too long)

Motorhead - Louie Louie (best - short & sweet)

Well done by all the covers putting their own different spin on a very good original.

The amount of songs that most people think are 'white originals' that were, in fact, originally written and performed by black artists is mind-blowing. It's far more than most people realize.

It should be obvious that I have no problem whatsoever with covers but what I do have a major problem with is when the original artists aren't credited or compensated appropriately for their work. Truly superior people would never, EVER have to resort to stealing the work of people they'd like everyone to believe are inferior. Such a laughable joke, these shameless thieves, culture vultures and parasites.
(10-22-2019 03:18 AM)The Diet Butcher Wrote: [ -> ]

Great cover, but it's not Jimi. His best studio version of Red House with regular volume vocals is very hard to find, for whatever reason.
(10-22-2019 03:38 AM)Dick Tater Wrote: [ -> ]
(10-22-2019 03:18 AM)The Diet Butcher Wrote: [ -> ]

Great cover, but it's not Jimi. His best studio version of Red House with regular volume vocals is very hard to find, for whatever reason.
It's not? Damn I'm embarrassed. I should have looked for a live performance.

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Dylan - heaven's door

GNR version, BETTER

(10-22-2019 07:23 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]Dylan - heaven's door

GNR version, BETTER

Yeah, the GNR version is much better. That first 15 seconds, the guitar sounds so sweet.

The first video is also a cover, by John C Cale. IMO, it's also better than Dylan's.
Can't decide. Both versions are great. For those who don't know, the lead singer of La Bouche, Melanie Thornton, died in a plane crash in 2001. RIP.

La Bouche - Be My Lover (original)

Anton Ishutin feat. Note U - Be My Lover (remix)

Forget the song, I just included this video because the chick has one of the hottest faces I've ever seen.

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