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Full Version: Attention Hellfire Awaits
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So what "Cultural catalyst" did these people suffer?

Why the fuck do they look like this?

I saw a doco last night where they were pretending to go to war for the sake of the camera and they went into a trance like state then chimped out and started pulling down branches and climbing trees just like a chimp

[Image: First-Contact-with-the-Toulambi-tribe.jpg]
They seem to have invented a sort of trampoline!

Imagine if goin' buck naked while sportin' a koteka on your penis became 'big with the kids' next?
Dont put it past them.
This is one despicable excuse for a thread.

Shame on you, you racist gae seki.

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I have relatives that look like them motherfucker so how is it racist?
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