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Full Version: Poirier vs Khabib: Who you got?
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I don't know what time that fight is taking place, but apparently it will be some time this afternoon. Just realized the card is taking place in freakin' Abu Dhabi!

I think Khabib takes it. As a good boxer, Poirier of course has a chance. I was very impressed with him a few years ago, and thought he was a very good prospect, then he had a bit of a dip, but for the last 2+ years he has achieved the level I expected from him.

But ultimately I think it will play out similar to the Conor fight. Poirier will be worried about the takedown, giving Khabib the element of surprise and the ability to dictate when to keep the fight standing, and when to try take it to the ground.

Khabib in 3, with GnP.
I haven't seen any of the footage, but sounds like it played about pretty much as expected.

Khabib dominated the first round with grappling. Poirier landed something in Round 2 and tried to capitalize but wasn't really able to, and in Rd3 Khabib puts on grappling clinic, which Poirier desperately attempts to counter with a guillotine (probably the game plan, going in) but is unsuccessful, and gets pounded/choked out.
I had no idea there was a UFC event taking place today until youtube recommended Joe Rogan Fight Companion, but it was too late.
another lay and pray borefest

Funny that Poirier did exactly as well as Conor McGregor. The fights were almost identical.

Except... Khabibs striking is much better than it was 2 years ago. He must have really switched gears after that Al Iaquinta fight.

I would be stoked to see a Poirier vs McGregor rematch. Of course that's not going to get the numbers so it won't happen.
Also Dustin's guillotine strategy was terrible. Not that he didn't execute well when the opportunity presented itself, rather that there was just no way Khabib would allow himself to lose to a guillotine. Especially the way he rides the legs from the top.

Notice that Dustin got submitted only a minute after his heroic guillotine attempt. He put all of his energy into it and it was an arm-in type Confused.
(09-08-2019 04:20 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]another lay and pray borefest

I'd rather see a grappling clinic than an Anthony Smith vs Jon Jones type fight.

Where both counter fight. Literally neither is willing to take any initiative.
(09-08-2019 04:20 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]another lay and pray borefest

FightSport is a Business and boring is not good for business
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