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Full Version: Canadian Defense Minister UFO Disclosure
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WOW. HE calls out the NWO at around 7:00

^He sure as hell does.

I am just wondering if we will hear about this on any type of "news" site.
He is Paul Hellyer, the former deputy Prime Minister and defense minister of Canada under Trudeau. He began speaking openly about this stuff in public forums in the last couple of years; kinda caught me off guard the first time I heard it. He also founded the very interesting Canadian Action Party in the 90's.

He is a very interesting cat.

89 years old, wow! guy is still sharp!
yeah. In the last maybe 5 years or so my perception of old people has changed.. a lot of them can be very sharp and capable.

Ron Paul was sharper than any candidate in the 08/12 elections.

it's pretty amazing how this isn't big news.

generally i don't care for the UFO stuff but the stuff after 7:00 is interesting. he says the western world is controlled by a shadow govt.
Is this for real?

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It stunns me that this guy has not died in his sleep earlier, maybe two years ago at least.
(06-06-2013 12:58 PM)Señor Penis Wrote: [ -> ]Is this for real?

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JFK called out the secret societies too.

Personally I don't care much for the alien stuff. they can be fed false info. i'm not saying I don't believe in UFOs, but it's not something that can be proved. the NWO can be proved
Does he happen to have one solitary piece of evidence to support his claims?
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