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Full Version: Jeffrey Epstein is dead
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His death came less than three weeks after he was found unresponsive in his cell at the federal prison in Lower Manhattan, with marks on his neck that appeared to be self-inflicted, sources told ABC News. He was placed on suicide watch following the July 23 incident, but was not on suicide watch at the time of his death.

The FBI is investigating the incident, according to the Bureau of Prisons.
this was so not predictable in the least bit Rolleyes
People are split almost 50/50 if he was suicided or disappeared.

Almost no one thinks he actually committed suicide, as that would have been a huge f*** up by the prison system. This was no accident.
My FB feed exploded over the news. Nobody believes this was suicide and half the people are blaming Clinton.
If you didn't see this coming...

I'm sure Dershowitz has already has his blackmail tapes destroyed.
They're probably filling his island Temple of Moloch's basement with concrete right now.
The remaining girls are likely being threatened and given hush money.

wow. are people dumb or what?

This guy was about to expose the ENTIRE PEDO NETWORK!
What is suicide watch supposed to be? Because it didn't work..
suicide watch is supposed to be suicide watch. constant monitoring to prevent suicides

imo the first time he passed out may have been a botched murder attempt
I was texted about this in the morning but just got home.

Don't want to speculate what actually happened without evidence.

But obviously what was going on is much worse that what the average person would think.

Many many people involved.
Between this and NXIVM, yet people don't think Pizzagate is real?

It's very real IMO.
(08-11-2019 10:30 AM)THE_DEAN Wrote: [ -> ]Between this and NXIVM, yet people don't think Pizzagate is real?

It's very real IMO.

Exactly. The only way to say it isn't real is to define it narrowly and use straw man, because Pizzagate isn't X, Pizzagate is fake.

That is where the 'basement of Comet Pingpong, run by Hillary Clinton' definition came from. So that it could be easily debunked.
he was obviously killed before he sang like a canary.
(08-11-2019 01:16 PM)trevorrice Wrote: [ -> ]he was obviously killed before he sang like a canary.

this whole thing must be investigated to the max.

stinks to high heaven
Just a note here. Suicide watch in prison does not involve someone staring at you 24 hours a day. Also, he was taken off suicide watcn which is typical.
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