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Full Version: 1 million people in Hong Kong protest Extradition Law
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Can you find Diet Butcher in the crowd?
some are saying it's just like 250,000 people, to me it looks like MORE THAN A MILLION

There's over a million for sure. They're rioting right now.

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They cannot avoid their destiny.
(06-12-2019 08:23 PM)The Diet Butcher Wrote: [ -> ]There's over a million for sure. They're rioting right now.

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people are saying it's just 250K people. it's impossible

it's well over a million imo

HK only has 7 million people.. so this is a HUGE TURNOUT
do they protest like this in the US?

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what happened to Dong's "stop eating dat soy" theory?


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Of the countless protests and riots I've covered over the years, I've never once seen this tactic used. Tear gas grenades extinguished almost immediately with water. Hong Kong protesters seem incredibly well organised.

“People are smarter around technology now. They are using tech in a way that doesn't give you away,” said Lokman Tsui, a professor focusing on media and technology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

One way to keep safe, he said, is to turn off Face ID and Touch ID on iPhones. Laws in Hong Kong ensure that people have a right not to incriminate themselves. This includes refusing to give the pin to unlock your phone. However, authorities could force unwilling detainees to unlock their handsets using facial recognition or fingerprints.

But he also noted that some apps, like Telegram, are not as safe as protesters assume. Unlike WhatsApp, Signal and iMessage, messages over Telegram are not encrypted by default.

“Most people don't know that they have to actually turn it on,” he said.

Even more confusion abounds about what is and isn’t safe.

One protester told us some of her friends stopped using Octopus cards, a contactless payment card widely used for public transport in Hong Kong. Each card has a unique serial number, with some linked to personal information such as names, dates of birth and identity card numbers. This has led to fears that they could expose a user’s whereabouts -- causing long lines in subway stations as people line up to buy single-use tickets, normally a rare occurrence for locals.

Keyboard Frontline, an internet freedom advocacy group, published an online pamphlet for protesters on how they can protect their personal data and identity. Tips include not using public Wi-Fi and leaving your phone at home.

For the conspiracy-minded folks with some leftover aluminium foil, others recommend protecting ID cards, passports and bank cards by wrapping them in aluminum. This is done to protect personal information against RFID scanners, said Glacier Kwong, a core member of the organization.

“There is a lot of uncertainty on what can or cannot be traced, that's why there are so many conspiracy theories coming up,” Tsui said. Much of this uncertainty still stems from laws that are unclear, he added.

Does Foil real work to "foil" RFID?
(06-13-2019 02:29 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]Does Foil real work to "foil" RFID?

It is pretty obvious there was a reason they demonized 'tin foil hats'. Is this the reason? Not sure. Would be interesting to see what the origin is of the whole tin foil hat story.
Sepentza's buddy made a video

1.9 million came out today. What do you if you gotta pee?

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(06-17-2019 01:35 AM)The Diet Butcher Wrote: [ -> ]1.9 million came out today. What do you if you gotta pee?

[Image: cd995d69-4c4b-4eb3-821d-1893be846651.jpg]

Looks like... What, 35k max?

Wasn't that what the mayor tried to do initially? Massively downplay the numbers?
1.9 million that is like 30% of the population of hong kong

You can betcha your ass they are not Soy'd out

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