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Full Version: what color are these shoes?
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[Image: 59e100cbe0559.image.jpg?resize=400%2C400]
some people see turquoise and grey some see pink and white
[Image: 59de8018b0c292009f0d8a0c-960-471.jpg]
These are all just tricks, depending on what screen/device you look at it on.

It is the visual equivalent of laurel/yannie, which sounded like yannie on smart phones, and laurel on computer speakers.

Of course there is a TINY difference by individual as well, in terms of what color we perceive (esp. based on the lighting in this pic and the 'blue/gold dress' pic).
you're right

also if you cover up the hand, you can see it as pink and white somewhat
Whatever witchcraft these stupid things are made out of is definitely weird. When I first viewed this thread, the top photo was gray and turquoise and the second photo was pink and white. I then minimized, went and did some work for awhile, and just pulled this tab back up and...both photos are now pink and white. Just goes to show not to trust anything, even your own senses. Even they are lying to you.
Grey and teal trim
I opened a photo editor to check the colors.

[Image: 2evvlav.png]
There is no saturation in the 'pink' so it is VERY gray. And the laces and white streaks vary wildly, depending on where you sample them. Lighter to white, closer to the camera.

This image has been manipulated (as was the original).

[Image: 3167w3c.jpg]

I 're-saturated'. Didn't change hue at all. Increased brightness. And now the laces look (like they have a hint of green). So it was definitely fucked with.
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