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Full Version: In Israel, Parents, esp highly-educated ones, show a tendency to refuse VACCINATIONS
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Parents, especially highly-educated ones, are showing a tendency to refuse to have their babies vaccinated

A recent Israeli study found that the more highly educated the parents, the more likely they were to create their own infant vaccine schedules, ignore official governmental recommendations, and decide on their own which vaccines they wanted administered. The Israeli Health Ministry is trying to figure out what to do about these well-off, stubborn, independent, suspicious-of-authority parents. And here in the good ol’ USA, white families are far more likely than others to opt out.

I still have a lot of questions about vaccines and how healthy some of them are. I know they used to use thimerosal in them as a preservative. They use Thimerosal in eye wash Solutions also and that stuff used to tear my eyeballs up.

I just wonder if they really know how safe it is to give so many vaccines to kids at a young age.
I can see many of the Israeli parents are smart, they do their RESEARCH
(05-08-2019 04:29 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]I can see many of the Israeli parents are smart, they do their RESEARCH

Israel, leading developer of 5G technology. Does not allow 5G implementation!
I also read that they banned WIFI in the schools. they know the dangers of EMF!

Sharyl Atkisson has some of the best research on vaccines and is unbiased on the topic.

Here's a good article about measles :

Some facts on measles outbreaks, https://sharylattkisson.com/2019/04/meas...vironment/

Here are some other facts CDC released this week about the 2019 outbreak:

-67% of cases are in New York City and New York state.
-All of the original sources of infection are foreign countries.
-The most number of cases came in from the Philippines, followed by Ukraine.
-So far, there are no reports of measles-related brain damage or death, which are very rare.


3. “The U.S. measles outbreak is exclusively due to unvaccinated people.”

False, according to CDC.

Not all of the measles patients and carriers are unvaccinated people; some were fully or partly vaccinated.

In 2019, CDC says 71% of infected patients in the U.S. were known to be unvaccinated.

Twenty-nine per cent (29%), or about one in three, were vaccinated or had unknown/unproven status.

4. “Vaccinated people don’t get or spread measles.”

False, according to CDC.

CDC says measles can sometimes be spread by vaccinated children and adults. This is neither rare nor new.

For example, in 1983 and 1984, CDC says measles was transmitted within a U.S. school “with a documented immunization level of 100%.”

In 1984, there was a measles outbreak in a U.S. high school with a documented vaccination level of 98%. Seventy per cent (70%) of the cases were among those who had measles vaccination and were “therefore considered vaccine failures.”


Good reading.
Jewish people are, overall, a smart people. And they look out for one another.

That's why it's hard to understand why Jewish politicians in the U.S. lobby for and promote things here that the people in Israel do not want.

Many promote the idea of open borders. But Israel refuses to have open borders.

Many promote the idea of forced vaccinations. But the people of Israel will not accept forced vaccinations.

Many promote 5G technology. But the people of Israel know the dangers and do not want those dangers force upon their citizens.

It's baffling why so many Jewish people in the U.S. do not want for the United States what Israel wants for its own people.

I think that's where a lot of recent distrust stems from.

Making lot of money by living in the United States but not loving it the same way they love Israel.
people are up in arms about a wall in the US, but no one is talking about the actual wall that is in ISRAEL

[Image: israel-wall.png]
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