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Full Version: Knocked out a dog.
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As those of you who KNOW Thai street dogs can be quite an annoyance. Today as I am walking home from the Yaa Dong bar there's about 4-6 dogs circling me and barking with their tails raised.
Well one of the fuckers tried to bite my calf and I gave him one hell of a punch. KO.

Anyone else knocked a dog out?
Is this a true story?

did you use a hook or a straight punch?
Pretty much a straight right , and of course it's a true story. For the pitbullfags> it wasn't a pitbullbut dog was asleep.
Just fucking LOL

I figure they would have a hard as skull and neck muscles from holding up thier heads all day.

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People make no mistake the OP is very much in competition with the street dogs of the slums of Bangkok so this probably did happen.

Galt what did you steal from the dogs?
I didn't steal shit (And I resent that) but fuckers were trying to block my way home from my drinking spot and as you know once ONE of the fuckers gets away with biting you the rest will happily join in.
The dog in question was about german shepherd size and did indeed have a hard skull and as I notice today I must have caught him right in the fangs. My hand has bite marks on it and it's not the good kind.
I reckon that tonight they will give me a wide berth and if not I'll fucking jack their shit Omar Little style.
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Can I borrow you brown going out shirt when we hit up Pattaya?
LOL sure thing brah, do you have any nice Saris?
Yeah I have saris brah WITH matching turbans.
How did it feel?

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Fuck yeah! Let's rock turbans in Pattaya and I'll pretend to be Afghan. That will surely win the affection of the hookahs.
Fucking dogs. Now they're all humping my leg like Shananaha
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