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Full Version: Pay to Pay-Per-View, new UFC biz model
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and ESPN announced today that UFC pay-per-view fights will be available exclusively to US audiences through ESPN+. The agreement will go into effect starting April 13th for UFC 236, featuring a rematch between lightweights Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier, and will run through 2025.

oh noes

This is terrible news for the UFC, probably worse than the Reebok deal. It's gonna cost them a ton of money.

*exclusive* means that people won't be able to get the fight through avenues that they're used to like Apple TV, PSN or Xbox.
That tells me Conor and Brock aren't coming back. Guys that draw 500k to 1mil PPV above baseline and get a cut will be the ones mostly affected by this. Casuals won't pay the extra $50 in ESPN+ annual fee for 1 fight.
why don't they just UFC on cable espn? would increase the viewerbase immensely

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