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Full Version: Black Holes = Hyperspace Travel !?!
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Physicists have discovered that rotating black holes might serve as portals for hyperspace travel-----

Check out the episode Aquila Rift from Love Death and Robots to see where this leads to!
Hey yo Karasu, you want to test it out?
(03-19-2019 05:50 AM)Chaos Reigns Wrote: [ -> ]Hey yo Karasu, you want to test it out?

LOL...........and depends the RISK/REWARD Tongue
Hate to be the dream killer, but Black Holes don't exist.
(03-19-2019 04:34 PM)kungfool Wrote: [ -> ]Hate to be the dream killer, but Black Holes don't exist.

Can you imagine some guy, scientist or astrophysicist comes along, and says X% of the universe is dark energy and Y% is dark matter, and there are this many black holes that we can't observe, in the center of galaxies...

He would be laughed out of the room. But because we have been slow boiled, we think it is science, not mumbo jumbo.

In science, if you make a WRONG ASSUMPTION it is going to be very difficult to arrive at the CORRECT CONCLUSION.

For whatever reason they don't want us to know there is an aether, and that the universe is electric in nature.
(03-20-2019 02:11 AM)Chaos Reigns Wrote: [ -> ]For whatever reason they don't want us to know there is an aether, and that the universe is electric in nature.

Yep. In 150 years, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Gravitons, Photons etc will be laughable -- like how we view phlogiston today.

Space-Time was a just a re-framing of Aether. You might have pointed this out before, but the concept didn't really go away, you still need some medium to separate objects.. for objects to have distance from one another.

Aether will make a comeback. Imaginary particles (photons) have been invented to explain how electric effects can happen across a vacuum (like sunlight or radio waves). Scientists have even described magnetic fields passing energy as a 'virtual photon exchange', as if we live in a simulation. Maybe the scientific establishment will make a new cooky word for it, but the concept is inescapable.
Black holes had to be invented because the people using general relativity as a model couldn't balance their equations.

Is it not strange how there is this incessant need among scientists to describe all phenomena as particles rather than fields. A universe made of well-organized energy fields sounds like a universe with purpose and principle, a universe composed of an endless number of individual, lifeless particles sounds like a chaotic, random, meaningless place.

To me this is simple light vs dark. The principles of community, moralism, exergy and order, vs the principles of individualism, egoism, entropy and chaos.

The school of 'Materialism' or 'Realism' or 'Atomism' or whatever you prefer to call it is rules the day. From Atheism to Darwinism to Behaviorism to Physicalism to Modern Physics; this is the underlying structure: dead matter, individual particles, no-mind. This is the philosophy chosen for the administrative class by the parasitic elite, and we can trace it's history back many centuries. It is omnipresent in modern culture, but the masses need a positive religion that gives them hope for something more than just 'matter-in-motion', so they encourage hoaky new-age spiritual concepts that lack substance.

Left-Wing Humanitarian types only use holistic concepts like 'synchronicity' or 'emergence' because their focus is social-engineering. That's another topic all-together.
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