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Full Version: J.Dempsey Appears to be Oriental?
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in this photo Jack Dempsey appears to be an Oriental fellow:

[Image: image.jpg]
he has some jewish ancestry so I'm guessing his asiatic side comes from there
Also 'part Cherokee' which is just a euphemism for 'a mix of a lot of different things' in many cases.

[Image: Five-Civilized-Tribes-Portraits.png]
One of the '5 Civilized Tribes'
Looks like the lights are on but no one is home!?
Great fighter, his linear style of boxing was amazing. Bruce Lee adapted alot of his technique.
[Image: 300px-Self_Defense.jpg]

^ video does a GREAT comparison!
and look at the size of those paws!!!

[Image: ims-scan-tt-00902480-f-1000x1000.jpg]
he def. looks 25% oriental
interestingly Dempsey also has Buddha ears
"Why does Buddha have long ears?

Buddha ears are always long and elongated......
Traditionally, in many culture people believe that long ears with thick lobes are auspicious as they represent long life, good luck, good health, wealth, happiness, energy etc. And the person with long ears is considered a wise man with wisdom.In Asia, large earlobes are considered a symbol of wisdom. It is symbolic and a religious way to show the wisdom and compassion of Buddha."-------

Jim Thorpe was a Cherokee, and looked Asian.
[Image: jim-thorpe-1912-stockholm-olympics-7248165.jpg]

Jack Dempsey was a Mormon, a Jew, an Irishman and a Cherokee. That covers three of the main Jewish tribes, and makes him 100% Jewish according to the Mormon's belief that native Americans were parts of the lost tribes.

Given that Mormons have been interested in geology & eugenics for a long time, the LDS may have been trying to breed a super athlete in Dempsey.


I just finished reading the book "A Flame of Pure Fire: Jack Dempsey and the Roaring 20s" last night and it was interesting to read how that as savage as he was in the ring he was equal in compassion when the fight was over and outside the ring.

also after jho posted about Jim Thorpe I saw this news after a Google Search:

"Angelina Jolie Producing Biopic on Native American Athlete Jim Thorpe"-----

(02-07-2019 07:48 AM)karasu Wrote: [ -> ]in this photo Jack Dempsey appears to be an Oriental fellow:

[Image: image.jpg]

He actually looks a lot like my grandfather here, lol
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