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Full Version: Who Keeps Lighting the Fuse in the "Culture War?"
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I like Vincent. He's my go-to source for news these days.
I prefer AJ and his easy solutions:

[Image: 6e89b38621.jpg]
[Image: index.png]
[Image: 8002679445_794639d05b_o.gif]
Yuri Bezmenov FTW

He spells things out about as simple as you can, problem is, we have been dumbed down so much, we don't even know what he is saying.

"Active measures"

The elites 100% use pincer movements. We have to choose THIS or THAT.

Even in the 'alternate' community, you have to choose between Alex Jones or the rest. You have to choose Gavin McInnes and Jordan Peterson, or Richard Spencer. Etc. etc.
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