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Full Version: Fedor vs Bader
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Well that was sad. When your chin goes, it goes.

2005 Fedor would have ate that shot, easily.
I regret watching that event.
the worst thing that can happen to a fighter in his old age is losing his chin. The kind of losses that Chuck , Fedor , Rizzo etc suffered in near the end of their careers put a huge stain on their legacies. It's painful to watch.
It is what it is.
My brother(s) and I have long running jokes about back in the day when they used to list a fighter's three 'strengths' or attributes, before a fight, and how it was not a good sign for you if one of your strengths was 'toughness'.

Because it meant at the end of your career you were gonna look like how Fedor's career looks these days.

They should just form a MMA Legends division, Legends strictly vs other Legends.

Bader isn't that young, but those 7 years make a big difference. I bet he isn't still knocking out HWs when he is 42.
"well that was sad"

was the first thought they came up

fedor is DONE. that shot wasn't even that powerful

he's still the greatest fighter EVER imo
Eddie's reaction for a split second at 9:40. You can tell he's a hardcore fan and not a UFC 'hugger like Brendan and Joe.

He was on top for like three or four years, five tops. And that was fifteen years ago now.

What they need to do is to stop wheeling these old guys like Fedor out there expecting different results. It isn't happening.
Haha a wrestler's pawing left jab put Fedor down.

Was that Goldie doing the pbp there?

* I believe the Jewish Russian mobsters cheated Fedor out of most of his money, Fedor is no rocket scientist. He'll need to trade off of his name as a canvasback for some time yet I suspect.
Can't Putin give him a government Job or something? and yeah that's Goldberg doing the pbp.
300k probably goes a long way in Russia.
(01-29-2019 02:32 PM)kungfool Wrote: [ -> ]300k probably goes a long way in Russia.

I wonder what Finkelstein's end of that 300 is?
hmm yeah that pawing job didn't look that strong
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