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Full Version: Britain's oldest light bulb keeps on shining
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While most modern light bulbs barely last a year, this example is still shining on after an incredible 130 years.
The bulb, dating from 1883, was clearly built to last with six internal filaments which have all stood the test of time.
It first belonged to the late Florence Crook who once took it to school to dazzle her classmates. It then passed down to her son Kenneth, in Morecambe, Lancs and is still in use by his widow Beth, 79, at their home.


They sure don't make them like they used to.
very cool.

they have no incentive to make quality goods. I believe it is possible to make many things last much longer than they do now.

but that's not the model they want.. they want people to keep buying new things.
Without massive consumption, there is no necessity for massive production. Quality products goes completely against the system they are implementing.
i agree to some extent, it is possible to buy quality, but it is more expensive..
i truly believe massive consumption is aimed at people in the lover income group.

shitty example: i bought a rather expensive coffeemaker, while my parents used to buy the cheap model
they replaced the cheap ones, multiple times, ending up spending more than me in 4 years, until they bought the same. that goes for most kitchen appliances, and vacum cleaners in my experience.
everyday appliances, everybody uses, but people with low income wont be able to buy quality, and will instead pick the cheap one, over and over
there's a saying.. "i'm too poor to buy cheap stuff!"
never heard, but makes sense
yeah but even expensive stuff.. is very expensive to maintain.

not always, but often.

When you repair an expensive item, it is off the charts!
i agree, i guess there is a lot of factors involved, some things arent expensive because of quality either but design, it just goes to show that we need to use our brain in every little thing we do :-)

and common sense
fair points!

My auto mechanics teacher in high school said that it is possible to make a car run forever with minimal maintenance!
would not be surprised if true
In Brave New World, they were able to ensure full employment worldwide by excessive production and consumption. "Ending is better than mending." I believe many aspects of the book were meant to blueprints for the future.

^ bare in mind, that was with a world population of 2 billion, the same number that Ted Turner quoted as an ideal world population. I have read estimates that suggest 2 billion to be the highest sustainable number for the consumption of the current American.
interesting posts.

we are in a different world now, though.

my japanese friend was in love with his minidisc player, and when it died on him after 13 years, and after going to a local repair shop that asked $300 (it only cost him $200 to buy it in the first place and it was 13 years old), he went to his friend that was a higher-up in the company that built it and asked him to get them to fix it. they gave him the same answer. Putting a tech on the case to figure out what the hell went wrong and asking for the specific parts, etc., was way more expensive than just pushing another player through the robotic assembly line. So he got a new player at mfg cost ($60).

But the idea of "quality" is another and long story altogether. Quality is pretty much all we should care about, and it's possible to do that pretty reasonably, but other forms of enticement, temptation, attraction, and fraudulence, marketing, propaganda and swindle do pretty well at winning in that arena.
^ yep. a lot of those old walkman designs, MDs.. are just so much more well made than the crap that is available today. full metal/aluminum casing.. just sooo nice!
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