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Full Version: Drs and Pills are ruining people. Woman's hellish plea for help after benzos
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how is this even legal?

medical establishment have some SPLAININ' to do

American medicine focuses WAY TOO MUCH ON PAIN MANAGEMENT.. so they prescribe pain meds.. which ends up causing MORE PAIN!

why aren't the FEMINISTS targeting BIG PHARMA cuz they cause hell for MILLIONS OF WIMMINZ!

i'm looking on youtube and see WOMEN are disproportionately TARGETED BY BIG PHARMA


feminists, the male dominaetd medical establishment has ruined 100s of thousands of female lives with their toxic drugs. Please petition them or use your SOROS backed entities to bring awareness to this issue. THANK U

I am with chronic health conditions and though I refrain from seeking pharmaceutical relief I do understand why others seek to relieve their misery and sufferings but yet I have seen such people where one med simply leads to another condition which requires another med and so and so on........I really don't have the answers nor will I judge.
and then they want to ban herbs like KRATOM that get people off these dangerous opiods

i'm noticing more and more mericans acting super artificial these days

use of these painkillers must be at an all time high
I had a good friend which where one med led to another and then another creating serious health issues and have observed it in others too.....

I also know their pain and so I can understand why they seek relief but for myself I do not wish to add any new miseries to those which I already endure so I tend to avoid medications except for the daily thyroid.......I have two bottles of the unused percocet pain-meds prescrbed at different times as I only took enough what was necessary and instead save the extra for emergency first-aid kit.
im' also hearing about people injuring or using their own pets to get pain meds
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