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Full Version: CHINA's soft landing on the moon video footage released
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why is the footage in black and white?
Looks fake
this is a picture of the landing area, it looks quite diff. from the landing area in the video:

[Image: chinaa.png]
in the video right before landing you see many little bulges and craters .. yet the landing area looks flat
Another thing is the area of the moon in that last photo looks very small.
I like how they mentioned that the rover had to be shut off for a while because temps on the lunar surface were reaching 200 degrees Celsius.

Not a problem for Apollo astronauts though!

Apollo 17 they had TWO 7 hour long EVAs! Wow!

Totally not a Star Trek set. Nope.

[Image: 504360976-harrison-schmitt-eugene-cernan...rement.jpg]

I mean, the guy in the lizard costume, that is obviously fake, but for sure it was filmed on an alien planet, right?

[Image: startrek_gorn.jpg?itok=79q2nM_d]
i dont understand why it looks so bad, It f'n 2019. Should be clear picture in color - Dammit!!
WTF was that?

Even the movement of the space craft looked wrong. It suddenly descended rapidly but then appeared to slow up and hover, before continuing it's descent.
man, dosent make sense why is China showing fake footage.
[Image: First-Photo.png]

why are they putting the britannica article of the apollo moon landing under ALL the chinese moon landing videos?

Quote:Apollo space program
Apollo, Moon-landing project conducted by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the 1960s and ’70s. The Apollo program was announced in May 1961, but the choice among competing techniques for achieving a Moon landing and return was not resolved until considerable further study. In the method ultimately employed, a powerful launch vehicle (Saturn V rocket) placed a 50-ton spacecraft in a lunar trajectory. Several Saturn launch vehicles and accompanying spacecraft were built. The Apollo spacecraft were supplied with rocket power of their own, which allowed them to brake on approach to the Moon and go into a lunar orbit. They also were able to release a component of the spacecraft, the Lunar Module (LM), carrying its own rocket power, to land two astronauts on the Moon and bring them back to the lunar orbiting Apollo craft.
Encyclopedia Britannica
(01-12-2019 01:51 PM)billsuperfootwallace Wrote: [ -> ]man, dosent make sense why is China showing fake footage.

Same reason America did it way back when. To build morale from the people by being on the cutting edge of technology.

The USA isn't about to call BS as long as China's story supports theirs.
also i don't get why it's a huge accomplishment when US put men on the moon 50 years ago

how is it a space race, when your opponent is more than 50 years behind

people act like this is some amazing thing

we put MEN ON THE MOON 50 years ago!

100% success rate
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