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Full Version: Huawei executive arrested in Poland on spying charges
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London (CNN Business)A Huawei executive has been arrested in Poland on charges of spying for China.

Poland's counterintelligence service confirmed on Friday that a Chinese citizen suspected of spying had been arrested. Polish state media identified the suspect as Huawei's sales director in the country.
China's embassy in Poland named him as Weijing Wang.
Huawei is a Chinese telecommunications company that is viewed by US government officials as a national security risk. Other countries have concerns too: It has been prevented from supplying next-generation 5G equipment to Australia and New Zealand.
The company has attracted even greater scrutiny following the arrest of its chief financial officer last month in Canada.
Stanislaw Zaryn, a spokesman for Polish counterintelligence, said in a statement to the country's official press agency that the Chinese citizen, identified as Weijing W., had been arrested along with a Polish citizen.
The homes of the suspects were searched on Tuesday, the statement said. A court has ordered the pair to be held for three months, and they face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.
Both have pleaded not guilty, according to Polish state broadcaster TVP. Zaryn has not responded to CNN's requests for comment.

this is all about 5G. control 5G control the future of information and "internet of things/digital control grid"

Since China has no soft power, it is very easy to get other countries to turn on them.
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