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Full Version: Pacquiao vs. Broner FIGHT
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Pacquiao is the best of all time not Floyd

Pac sons Broner at 5:00 HAHAHA
Pacquiao is a true inspiration to humanity

very rare in this day and age
That said this will be a hard fight for him

Broner is in his prime
I will definitely be watching this over TJ dropping down to fight Cejudo. Who the F drops down?
I wish this would've taken place years ago when they were coming off the Mayweather and Maidana losses. Pacquiao is old now.
He still looks in shape

and IIRC most of his losses recently have been robberies

I think if he wins this fight, he should do one more rematch with mayweather and call it a day
Pac Man is real warrior- its not about the cheddar with him.
Pacquiao looked good with his TKO against Matthyse. Old, true, but he's got that old man power.

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i am watching this on ITV
this ruiz vs. guevara fight sux
this warren / duballi fight is pretty good
manny still has dat fire in his eyes
manny looking serious
pacquiao is STILL FAST
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