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Full Version: Madonna just got ASS implants
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[Image: Madonna+Madonna+Rocks+Mexico+City+x6GiVkxOwZrl.jpg]
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these women do not understand the aesthetic of symmetry.....the quads, hams, and glutes will be more pleasingly ornamentally decorative if they match.

it's not different from how all "plus-size" women try to catagorize themselves as BBWs or how the weight of Trump is equal to that of a Professional Footballer. It is not the LBS which matter but how they are carried.
That is a nasty ass wahmen.
I'd like to see what her face looks like now. A while back I saw that "ant man" film with Michelle Pfeiffer playing the mother of the Wasp. She looked like an Animatronic.
What a nightmare
Booty worship culture.
She is disgusting.
Gimme dat good ol' strong corn liquor and fat back on da side!

They're all insane.
Seems strange that a sixty year old woman should need an ass enlargement.

God usually provides that.
Fact is that steatopygia is just not particularly prevalent in the Caucasian race.

Capoids and Negritos lead the way in that department:

[Image: R8Wxip9.jpg]
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