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Full Version: huge black triangle over DOD dec. 27th 2018
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It begins?
certainly a strange video and doesn't look fake

it's quite organic
That's not a triangle it's a pyramid.
Seems pertinent
Maybe a Triangle craft using cloaking abilities.
Quote:[Image: car.jpg]

Invisibility and cloaking technology have been around for a long time. About seven years ago I was shown this technology. Some subcontractors for the Army were bragging about it and trying to impress me, and they demonstrated it to me on a miniature model of an airplane. They were very pleased with themselves and considered their team to be very smart since they had mastered not just the invisibility aspect but more importantly the cloaking or masking of the edges of the object. As they explained to me, it took them a long time to get that part right, and until they did, the entire technology wasn’t yet viable. But after they mastered the light bending aspects of the technology, invisibility was good to go.

Now, it’s possible that this technology was perfected long before that. The entire spider’s nest of military, black operations, and alphabet soup agencies operate on a highly compartmentalized “need to know” basis, and so it’s rare that one person working in one office knows what anybody else is doing. I think the guys I spoke to genuinely thought they were the first to bring this technology through its full testing phases, and they were associated with the Army, who was doing the primary funding. Their actual team was a subcontracting group to a subcontracting group who contracted with the Army, at least that was the way they explained it to me.

I wasn’t very impressed with any of it, frankly. I actually was a little embarrassed for them because holographic technology can do much more than what they showed me. I felt like these guys were well-intentioned types tinkering around in the garage while the REAL players and the REALLY advanced tech were being kept from them. Yet they were allowed to stumble along doing their little section of research and were told they were being good boys and girls. (There were female researchers there, too, although I spoke with men during this demonstration.)

So anyway, I have to laugh when the mainstream media takes something that is already a perfected, tried and true piece of “black operations” technology and try to present it to the masses as if the technology is POSSIBLE, at least theoretically, but certainly not viable yet.

Cloaking technology would be very advanced by now.
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