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Full Version: Is This Gesture Racist? Asian Eyes thing
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[Image: z7wx5fhqka421.jpg?width=640&crop...5525b1a9e4]

the world is doing this because it triggers asian people.

but as asian people, should we really be offended? is this not a distinct Asian feature? Why hate it so much.

do you hate yourself?
It's just an evolutionary advantage to protect the eyes from wind right?

[Image: 12253.jpg]

edit: possibly snow too.
why should the chinese get upset when this is a fact of reality?

it is indeed the most distinct racial marker

[Image: tpbje201411162a1_46773781.jpg?itok=d4ChCyRM]

so when someone pulls their eyes back to portray an asian person. why would the chinese person be upset? unless the asian person themselves believe that small eyes are so ugly that it is a natural insult.
The big bug-eyed aesthetic of anime is probably not helping Asian Females

[Image: 1483549890244134466.jpg]

Portraying Male Hero protagonists as White is bad for the Asian Male psyche.

[Image: THP3d05SFhdRvLOKLs2gqUFz0THCvIe10gufubJG...SxPMoQf-zQ]

[Image: berserk-anime-movie-guts-talking.png]

[Image: 564cce23efbc8_564cce1b75365_467908934.jpg]
I believe asians themselves know they are ugly on a subconscious level

They will deny this all day long tho
[Image: when-you-try-to-help-the-children-in-nee...047434.png]
it's racist or prejudice if you're using it to demean

but no slanted eyes by themselves are not racist
if you get offended you lost the argument or fight

this is exactly why they allow you to bash whites, but not others

by allowing the bashing of whites, you reaffirm their superior position

the liberals are engaging in much more effective white supremacy tactics than the right
It's as racist as any other word or gesture I can think of. In simpler times it wouldn't mean much but in these hyper sensitive days we live in that it is allowable in the least without everyone getting into a raging PC hissy fit is indicative of a double standard I think. And needless to say you look like fucking ignoramus making the gesture...
All in all, that Asians do not enjoy the protection other defeated races do has to be seen as a positive thing. Means China remains unconquered by the West.
Was never offended by it. But when I was a kid growing up, it was a good excuse to fight. This was in Ireland. Everyone fought everyone over anything in those days.

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Like everything else, it depends how it's both intended and interpreted.
If you've got a smile on your face like this ^^ dolt up here, it's not very nice.
Then again, I could be interpreting his smile incorrectly.
Maybe he's just retarded and happy that he coordinated both his hands in near-perfect unison.
Are you saying that the chinaman will always Cuck to the superior white male?
the chinaman does not have the balls to face reality. this dynamic can be seen with one trevorrice. it's most disturbing.

the chinaman will say he's great. china is rising. china best. but at the same token get so offended when someone pulls their eyes from the corner. why would you be offended if you are proud to be a chinaman?

That is the most distinct neutral feature. I mean i can understand if someone makes the short or small penis gesture, as those are truly negative featuers.

HOWEVER, the hunter eagle eyes to me isn't a flaw. but yet and still due to the chinaman's weak cucking nature, he will subconsciously submit to the insult and admit that it is indeed a flaw of the mongoloid race.

I don't even think the small eyes thing is an insult.
(12-15-2018 05:35 PM)The Diet Butcher Wrote: [ -> ]Was never offended by it. But when I was a kid growing up, it was a good excuse to fight. This was in Ireland. Everyone fought everyone over anything in those days.

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you grew up in ireland? lol. i thought you grew up in canada
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