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Full Version: bloodbath in the markets
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bear market here or correction?
only thing green on my ticker lists are the gold and silver related vehicles
cramer 2 weeks ago.. LOL.. how is this even legal..

Cramer: Volatility charts suggest now is the time to buy into stocks
CNBC's Jim Cramer and volatility expert Mark Sebastian parse the charts of the market's fear gauge.
Sebastian finds that investors may not get a better chance to buy stocks in 2018 than right now.
Investors have become jaded enough that the market could finally bottom, Cramer says.
I have posed the question here and that "Other Forum" if there is possibility that CNBC enjoys some advantage of information and could be considered a Pump&Dump scheme for CNBC related VIPs?
yep. wouldn't be surprised. Cramer always seems to pull this shit

the charts aren't looking good huge double top and from there lower lows and lower highs

the dow will need to breach 23,500 to really be in dangerous territory though
This is exactly WHY people get fleeced. They get so used to markets UP UP UP that they think Amazon and Apple are on sale, as opposed to thinking, the all time highs are behind us.

These tech companies should all be broken up and sued to near bankruptcy, if we lived in a just world.

They should be glad it is Trump in power, and not someone who actually wants to reform things even more. And I don't meant someone like Ocasio Cortez either.

I still give Trump credit for ending political correctness, but not much else.
I have also read numerous headlines stating the next BIG ONE is coming and will be more severe than the last.......and I hope they are wrong because that would mean another "Great Depression" and if they are not then I hope that I have positioned myself well enough to weather that prognostication!
I have also wondered if we are seeing Peak Capitalism signaling the end of an era and how long until a Bernie Sanders type is elected USA President?

I imagine it will be the same, good in the beginning until it's no longer effective in managing the society, and believe that systems have a life-cycle and eventually they must change and it has not much to do with what be believe to be right/wrong, bad/good but just a natural course of universal experience.
this could prove to be the "denial" stage........and the "bloodbath" will come later

everythings okay until it's not

perhaps the MAGA Eurphoria was FAKE NEWS which will later be considered to be the catalyst for the BUST of the BOOM BUST cycle?

did the economic problems that people complained were there during the Obama administration simply disappear when Mr. Trump became the President?
the chart is looking terrible.. double top is really bad and a classic bearish indicator

also this bull run has lasted far too long.
Bitcoin was supposed to be everyone's lifeboat. Now what is everyone gonna do?

I hope everyone is invested in precious metals. I wish I had the money to buy more.
(12-11-2018 04:31 AM)jho Wrote: [ -> ]Bitcoin was supposed to be everyone's lifeboat. Now what is everyone gonna do?

I hope everyone is invested in precious metals. I wish I had the money to buy more.

Only question is, is this the big one, and does it go slowly, like Japan's last few decades, or does it go quickly, like the 07/08 crash. And when do things actually begin to recover.

In a few years, two or three, or over a much longer time frame.

I have been waiting for a correction for so long that I have not even taken notice of this one yet. It is still early days. People are still in denial and thinking about bargains! No major bankruptcies or crises yet, either.
this is also a good example of the problem of wingNUTS

when the "other team" is in control they will complain how everything is terrible and then soon as their team is President then all those problems which were there before seem to magically disappear and everything is instantly fantastic.....

also the average wingNUT does not even follow the markets which can be observed by the statistic that the average American does not even have $1000 saved for emergency expense so it is obvious they are not investing in the financial markets which will give them some indication of the condition of the economic business system that will determine if the weather is going to be pleasant or a storm is brewing Tongue
^ good post
(12-11-2018 05:45 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]^ good post

thanksBig Grin

and now I would like to add more to it! THEY are ALL FRIENDS. I have read/heard that Trump was friends with the Clintons. Then during the Bush funeral it was stated how he was friends with the Clintons which means the Clintons are friends with Bush and Trump and of course which means they are all friends with the Obamas too and then the wingNUTS are playing TEAM SPORT politics acting like LOW-END soccer hooligans about each HATING the other team when the TOPS of the Pyramid are CHUMMY!
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