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Full Version: Yo Dong, Get In Here (Chinese kids taking Mom's surname)
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"As they have risen in income and education levels, Chinese women have increasingly demanded that their children adopt their surnames instead of the father’s.

This trend is fueled in part by China’s notorious one-child policy: in the past, men were responsible for passing down the family name, but now many families are counting on their only daughters.

As a result, having at least one child adopt the mother’s surname is becoming more common among young couples in China, especially after the government allowed all families to have two children in 2016."

That's what happens when there are no Christian foundations in a country. All kinds of confusion.
nothing to do with religion.

this has everything to do with the weakness of asian males.

from the father. to the boyfriend.
just need to clarify , this applies to all Asians except dong .
starts from the weak cucked father that drove the asian females to run from anything that even resembles him.

[Image: Eo1KsWq.png]

look at that stupid chit eating grin. his daughters all ran for the lowest rung white men possible. then his cucked weak nature gets passed down to his twink soy boy son.

so even when this son finds a wife. you think he can tell his wife what time it is in today's day and age? she will walk all over him.

asian male's only place in western society is to be a betabuxx cuck.
That dude - no .
(12-09-2018 01:17 AM)trevorrice Wrote: [ -> ]just need to clarify , this applies to all Asians except dong .

even you.

i mean you're 6 foot right. you are probably better looking than your wife.

Not only do you cuck yourself by going down in looks. fantasizing about white women online.

you are also cucking yourself by being miserable with her. scared to leave and get what you really want. weak.

I wouldn't even call you the average chinaman. but yet look at your place. where does the average-below average chinaman belong?
you dont know sh*t about me. Its not about looks only. My wife is a doctor and from a wealthy family. I also got married very young. There other factors i can't get into publically. (But, if you really want to talk i can pm you my phone number)

You haven't been married long. see how soon you fantasize about other women. Especially, since you were a player. Give it a year or two, probably even now you can't honestly tell me you dont want to slam another women right now. One thing that you and I agreed on was that you can't compare a caucasian women with an asian women physically. You just can't after being with a white girl its all down hill..

Also, i made a commitment to god once i got married thats binding.

the average or below average china man --- I posted a pic of an ugly f'n china man that I know you saw it. You gave him a 0 on looks he married up an attractive white girl with nice personality. It can happen, if the guy has something to offer. I have seen it several times.

Your posts group all asians into same category- even yourself man. I am not sure what your point is with this.

You know its just weakens us as asian males in general. The problem with the chinaman in the west is the lack of solidairty.
We rip each other down , instead of back each other up. Your the biggest criminal of this.

You impressed me once, wrote a great thread that resonated with me so i keep hoping something of that is there still but i guess not.
no it isn't about looks only. looks is only the foundation that great things can be built upon. if you're weak, it's worse actually. which is actually what i rag on asians guys about most. weakness.

i see you brag about being 6 a lot. above average looking. what has that gotten you exactly? you're in a miserable marriage with someone that isn't your first choice to be wife. what a waste.

that tells me of a weak spirit. you couldn't pull your own weight. you couldn't even get a looks match so you're coping with her family background as if it means anything.

are you not a man that can build your own empire?

now i also know you're cucked by an invisible man in the sky. do you get pimped by him every sunday? 10%. it all makes sense now.

just weak.
I'm beginning to think we may have over estimated the Chinaman
dj, I am not going to go back and forth with you like EY.

I dont brag about being 6' its just a fact like your 6'1". I bring it up because you like to call asians on here like manlet etc.

attacking my god , fine thats your belief.

matter fact. I am not even going to try to sway you away from your constant ripping on asian males. I give up.!!

weak spirit? thats your opinion. I think ripping on people because of things they cant control like the way they look or height- thats weak to me but whatever.

I just want you to honestly answer you dont desire other women??
i think my wife is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. one thing you can count on is my brutal honesty.

pointing to someone's belly and saying they look fat to remind them to shed weight. it's hard love. it's a part of chinese culture.

i do the same by pointing to a chinaman's soy ridden face. i tell him to stop eating soy
come on man, answer the question. You married a beautiful woman. I am happy for you ( i swear to god i am)

but you dont want to slam another women- right now??
that isn't even the point.

the point is you said your wife is ugly and she make you miserable.

yet you stay with her because she has money and you believe in God.

So you are leashed by her and invisble man in the sky.

it was funny to see your posts for the last while siding with me and showing the world how tall your family is, trying to separate yourself from the cucked image of the chinaman.

Let me ask you a question. what good is being 6 foot tall and above average looking if you can't even pull your looks match nor a woman that makes you happy? LMAO i mean..... what are you showing us? how much of a cuck you are?

in reality, you are the very definition of the weak cuck, yet you do not have the social awareness to realize this.

This is why i L M F A O @ these chinamen.

too autistic to see the truth.
(12-09-2018 02:35 AM)Señor Penis Wrote: [ -> ]I'm beginning to think we may have over estimated the Chinaman

[Image: giphy.gif]
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