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Full Version: Anderson Silva to fight black guy named Israel
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the other Samoan (or Tongan) fighter on that card was ktfo by JDS lol. the sport just can't renew itself.

Tuivassa is young and may still become a top fighter one day though. He just needs more experience and improve his ground game .
This will be a sad fight to watch. The Spider will get embarrassed and possibly suffer brain damage if he takes a clean head kick.
Yeah, Silva is likely to be embarrassed and stands an excellent chance of getting badly hurt in this fight. As I said earlier, how is Dana White able to criticize the Tito vs Chuck fight and yet put his similarly aged legend in with a young world class kickboxer at the same time? That's some impressive moral flexibility right there. And shame on whatever athletic commission it is that has seen fit to sanction this slaughter.
(12-07-2018 06:34 AM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]the other Samoan (or Tongan) fighter on that card was ktfo by JDS lol. the sport just can't renew itself.

They are desperate for a star in that market but none of them seem to pan out besides Whitaker and Hunt. Whitaker on a path to be an all time great. Israel lives in NZ so I'm sure they want him to headline the NZ or Austraila cards at some point as well. Seems to be a market they value greatlly.
wow his english gotten so much better. At least we know he isn't brain damaged.

LOL at his "Sharks are racist" joke.
he starts crying after the weigh in. not looking good

He pronounces 'Australia' the correct way with a Aussie twang, AusTRAY-ya. Most non-Aussies say it wrong.
haha wow

anderson does or israel?
brutal destruction of this chinese fighter

Anderson is not going to have a good day imo

(02-09-2019 11:56 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]haha wow

anderson does or israel?


[Image: 31926-1527130689-2060601522.png]
Prime Silva would have beaten Israel.
Anderson looked great for his age. he showed excellent head movement, speed, accuracy, and variation in his strikes . Obviously he's not the same fighter from 8-10 years ago but it's a slight decline compared to other strikers of his age like Mirko and Wanderlei.
I can't believe he still has those reflexes at 43. As CTsar often points out, 'speed' or reflexes is the first thing to go.

Maybe it's because he's only taken one career KO? IIRC the Wiedman KO was a double-left jab, and Silva was really just jarred because his body was so out of position.

I can't remember him eating any overhand right bombs. The flying knee Weidman took from Romero is probably more DPS that Silva's whole career.
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