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Full Version: Homicide on the Holidays- Oxygen network Dec 23
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I am starring in episode of Homicide on the Holidays on the Oxygen network.
I will be portraying David Luu , a toronto native-, his wife Cindy Luu was gunned down in front of there children by a former employee of Cindy's fathers business.

[Image: copy2.jpg?w=590&quality=60&a...amp;zoom=2]

[Image: 46514618_10156936339735152_2809452509062...e=5C7993CB]


The episode will be airing on December 23, please tune in Big Grin
I resent Network Television and if I had cable, the last thing I'd do is watch anything on Oxygen.

Congrats on the role though.
Thanks bro
Very cool. I don't have cable but will try to get my brother to DVR it.

thanks man, i appreciate it and I loved your posts over the years!
Here are my scenes from the episode it was really heartbreaking.

I think alot of guys on E.Y are from west coast Canada- maybe you heard of the case.

Welcome back
The link is down

looks interesting and very sad.
Trying to find a picture of this Phu Laam guy. He just snapped and went on a killing spree?

so, the director told me that he was in business or worked for Cindy Luu's dad in the past and that they parted on bad terms because Pu Lam embezzled money. So he was harboring serious animosity toward's Cindy Luu's dad. Sometime passed and then he found out one of his kids was not actually his biological son then his second wife seperated with him for a younger guy. He finally snapped killing his second wife, the kids except for the infant, the inlaws and the new boyfriend. Then went to David Luu(the character i played) and was looking for Cindy Luu's father but he wasnt there so he just killed her instead. Then the a**hole killed himself. Totally destroying David Luu's family in the aftermath. Worst mass killing in Edmonton Canada.
Cindy luu who?
[Image: U51YzP3K497-LB8CcB2kfkwT47qAwf3qOPPIUGGm...2197220e53]
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