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Full Version: Factual Feminist, interesting series on youtube
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The Factual Feminist is a weekly vlog from Christina Hoff Sommers on topics relating to feminism and gender scholarship. In each episode, Sommers not only tackles issues affecting the nation’s women, but she also debunks false claims and erroneous statistics used to promote a misleading agenda.

The Factual Feminist appears periodically and can be shared via social media and email. Feel free to post it on websites; blog or tweet about it; or leave comments via Facebook or YouTube. The Factual Feminist team will try to respond when we can! If you think we get something wrong, please let us know. We are always open to criticism. Fact-based feminism can be a powerful force for good!

US women's national team gets destroyed by FC Dallas Under 15 division 5-2 . If they deserve to be paid in the 10s of mil like men, then so should the 14 year old Texans.

they say gender is a social construct, so why are women and men segregated in sports?

it's pure insanity what the SJWs spew
they are trying to say that the Women's national team lost because they were focusing on "team chemistry" rather than real results

I find that hard to believe
Imagine the French national squad losing to a bunch of 14 year olds 5-2 then blaming it on "team chemistry" lol.

The Australia women's team also lost to a U15 7-0. Was that also because of team chemistry?
if you're the top PRO female team in the world, you should actually be toying with a team made up of 14 year old boys

that clearly didnt' happen

also why choose a U15 team to practice with anyways?

why not U20 since they are close to pros?
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