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Full Version: Trump supporters are the most cucked of all
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His supporters aren't calling for Trump to investigates vaccines like he said he was.

They aren't demanding to lock up Hillary anymore.

They aren't demanding that Trump find out what happened on 9/11, like he said he would.

They aren't demanding that we stop sending billions to Israel and quit fighting their wars for them.

What are they worried about? Building a wall because they're afraid that more democrat voters will be let into the country.

Why not nip the problem in the bud by ending the failed drug war and the welfare state?

Nah, they don't want actual solutions. They want to be plugged back into the Matrix like Cypher and enjoy their simulation of a juicy steak.

[Image: scaled_full_bb467fc945b04ac6af1d.gif]
Apparently Q has said to his flock that arrests (or something major) will happen by 11/11.

They push the date back and back and back, but 6 weeks or a few months ago that was the first date he/they had to make a stand on.

Of course the Qtards will say on 11/12 that he meant 11/11/2019...

But any way, I am waiting to see how midterms go, and 11/11 to roll by, and if nothing major has happened (or started) then it is time to admit we got played by Trump. Because after midterms it will be all about getting re-elected, so they will use that as an excuse:"He can't do that right now because it might affect re-election, but he will FOR SURE do it, lock her up, in his 2nd term".
Trump is what used to be called a Conservative Democrat. It was obvious even during the campaign that he's a Zionist too. All Trump is doing is buying us some time. I hope people are using this extra time to prepare for what's coming.
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