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Full Version: The great american prison chain gang, inhumane
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[Image: chaingangap95112101533_1.jpg?itok=CdYaf4Fd]

40 cents a day for inmate food and $1.40 for police dog food.
prison in norway. wake up america.. all non-violent criminals deserve TO LIVE IN HUMANE CONDITIONS

[Image: 180306192959-prison-reform-norway-2-full-169.jpg]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Japanese prison food.. GOURMET MEALS

[Image: prisonfood.jpg]
meals non-prisoners would gladly eat in Japan...

(10-16-2018 01:31 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]Japanese prison food.. GOURMET MEALS

[Image: prisonfood.jpg]


That is what I normally have for lunch.

(10-16-2018 01:32 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]meals non-prisoners would gladly eat in Japan...


Japanese prison food? That is a picture from an old blog of food from a restaurant in Korea.


That is why the receipt is in Korean.
the first pic is actually a recreation of japanese prison food

the 2nd one I forgot to delete as I figured it out looking at the receipt
GOURMET MEALS relative to what you get in US prisons.

obviously it's not gourmet for avg. asian folks. but it's decent food

this is japanese prison food. if you were to get a saba-shioyaki alacarte it would be like 10 bucks

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
(10-17-2018 02:28 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]this is japanese prison food. if you were to get a saba-shioyaki alacarte it would be like 10 bucks
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

Saba shioyaki is an inexpensive fish. I feed it to my cat.

A can of horse mackerel is less expensive per serving than Friskies or 9 Lives. (Or Chicken Of The Sea or Bumblebee canned tunafish.) That is a good tip if you are homeless and reading this on a computer at the public library.

We've already admitted to misrepresenting Japanese prison food twice.

From which prison(s) in Japan are these latest gourmet meals?

Japan has minimum and maximum security prisons. Punitive prisons and rehabilitative prisons. Club Fed and SuperMax.

Meanwhile, back in the good ol' USA, Martha Stewart wasn't chowing down on the same haute cuisine as the guys in Sing Sing. We have to determine which type of prison. In house kitchen or contracted food service.

The video of "Chain Gang of Arizona - The Hardest Prison" isn't an valid argument. Can be tossed out.

#1. Not a prison. That is Maricopa County Tent City Jail.

#2. Permanently closed.

"Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage."

Before we extoll the virtue of Norwegian prisons, Norway is not anywhere near competition with USA in terms of crime — especially violent crime. Norway has different types of sentencing and incarceration.

Terrorist Anders Breivik murdered eight people with a bomb and then another sixty-nine at a summer camp by "hunting" with a rifle loaded with hollow point bullets. Received hard time of ten to twenty-one in the slammer.

The maximum penalty in Norway.

Pretty lenient for killing seventy-seven people.

Except for one tiny detail. He was sentenced to containment for ten to twenty-one years. Upon review, his sentence can be extended by five years and five years and five years until Kingdom come.

Anders isn't in the Norwegian version of Ikea prison. He is in maximum security. The one they don't talk about.

I distinctly remember that attack because my mother wanted to cancel our Girl Scout troops' camping trip.
SIDEBAR: That containment thing in Norway reminds me of a quirk in Scot law.

Rather than guilty or innocent, there is conviction (guilty) and two of acquittal ("not proven" and "not guilty").

Not proven meanings you're getting away Scot free. That is where that expression comes from. You are guilty but walk away.

I am seeing a shift to this in USA. A lenience by prosecutors and judges to have charges "read in".

Plead guilty to the lesser charge of ( _______________ ) and you will be charged with a misdemeanor.
(10-16-2018 01:19 PM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]40 cents a day for inmate food and $1.40 for police dog food.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shoot a police dog and you will be charged with murder one.

That is why police dogs "speak" Dutch and you speak English.

So. Where's the origin of the prison food pictures?
Saba Shioyaki is made out of spanish Mackerel

yes it's a cheap fish, but there is also extra processing done to it to prevent it from spoiling

even then, my point stands in Japan it costs at least 6-800 YEN to order this at a restaurant

in the US it's usually around 10 bucks or more.

so yeah relative to what US PRISONERS get, it's GOURMET FOOD
The problem IMO is not so much how the prisoners are treated (although using their slave labor does result in some perverse incentives in the legal system).

The problem is that white collar crimes are for the most part simply not prosecuted. Esp. if you know how to structure your crimes, ala Hillary Clinton, use a lawyer, use a foundation, use a hitman, plausible deniability, blackmail everyone.

Like Stalin talking about killing one person is murder, killing ten million is a statistic, theft is the same way. Steal from a grocery store, that is theft, steal from a pension fund or by way of a Wall St bank, and you are 'clever' or 'smart' (as long as everyone gets a cut of your proceeds, of course).
Mmmmmm....Fukushima fish
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