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Full Version: Depression is the new black
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Have you guys noticed how it's cool to be into your feelings and depressed? There are you tubers faking depression to sell betterhelp.com.

Pewdiepie is also noticing the obsession with mental health lately on Youtube and how all the big names are sponsored by betterhelp.com

Pewdiepie is probably one of the best role-models around for young people, and that's pretty scary.
everyone wants to be a victim. it's a badge of honor

it's also an excuse. this is applied stockholm syndrome

you can only rely on the state and hollyweird for consolation and help.

it's also a type of mind control where if everyone is a victim you can't criticize anyone

you can only criticize the critics, the realists or the so-called HATERS

notice how one of america's biggest stars CARDI B just got arrested for assault and inciting gang violence..

is she going to lose her career? no. it will just give her more cred

what if she said something racist or against the SJW culture without physically hurting anyone? she'd probably be done or severely attacked.

so in 2018... saying things is worse than doing bad things.

this is the state of America in 2018.
Young people can't handle adversity anymore cause they need a quick fix for their feelings. Us older people couldn't go online to get sweet verifies from people or have someone tell us it's okay. We had to marinate on that shit and deal with it.

All this making minor problems major ones creates a boy who cried wolf atmosphere so when somebody really has a problem and come forward with it people will just think, "here we go again."
i think they can handle adversity very well

i think they FAKE not being able to handle it for political purposes

they might act like snowflakes, but inside and in action they are FAR MORE VICIOUS than a hairy chested conservative

these guys would have no problem ruining someone's life and career over a few tweets
Must be tough farming for internet likes and views.
the new generation is quite ruthless, but not physically

they are smarter than that.

and make no mistake they work hard.. it's just not physical labor. computer programmers work very hard

kids today might work harder than before in a lot of ways.. as the competition is more fierce and the need to impress with trinkets is GREATER
They are ruthless in a cowardice way like doxxing and shit like that.

This generation works hard af, The dollar doesn't stretch far these days. All the kids got multiple jobs or a job and side hustles. I agree with you and the competition for jobs is ruthless. I"m 39. I'm still in the field. Lining up for a job with 200 applicants and they are taking 5. It's brutal these days. I got a mortgage at least now and a trailer on some land I'm fixing up. I make music and I'm doing almost everything myself. These you tubers are mostly one man armies too. I do landscaping/electrical/handi work but just had to quit cause of lupus but I got my side hustles. You can't rest on you laurels this day and age. If you can live off one job this day and age you are lucky.
yeah they have it worse than previous generations in terms of getting stable meaningful work

but I think this generation are also less prone to violence or gang activity so that's a good thing
In this modern clown world victimhood is a virtue.
^ nice and succinct summation
Not sure about all the commentary but the DeFranco parts are telling.

Never trust someone who uses jump cuts.
It is the new version of the child adopted from the Dark Continent.

An accessory, to give you status. In this case, victim status.
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