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Full Version: Tom Cruise thread made me think of this
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So when I was thinking about all the awesome Tom Cruise movies, one of his most underrated films popped into my head. Rain Man. I was very young when this movie came out, but I always loved it.

Now at the time Rain Man was released nobody knew what "Autism" was. Is it possible the Hollywood crowd was introducing that disease to the public because they knew it was going to be a huge disease on the upswing as part of the globalist agenda in the near future? I just find it pretty strange that at the time that movie came out, people thought of Autism as a extremely rare retardation disorder if they even knew what it was at all. A few decades later and its HUGE. Kids all over have it, commercials and talk shows discuss it, schools have to house kids with it and teachers require training, etc.
with these guys you never know.

At least some films /books are conscious predictive programming. Brave New World is one of them.

I think autism is by and large a fake disease too, esp. the more mild cases. of course there are real cases, but it seems overdiagnosed

rain man was a good movie though.
I think they've widened the diagnostic scope of a lot of rare but real diseases in order to drug up the population.

primary motivation is to make money, 2ndary motivation is probably to dumb people down

autistic savants are an interesting case though.. I am quite fascinated with them. or I was.
I wonder just how wide they can make the Spectrum. I've developed a good test, you tell me your child is autistic, I dump a bucket of water on his head. If he gets mad at me; not autistic, if he gets mad at the water; autistic.

Seriously though; autism, depression, ADD, Fibromyalga (sic), etc... if you don't have detrimental symptoms then suck it up and don't drug yourself!

Americans take so much prescription medications that it is started to affect the treatment processes at WWTPs. Killing the bacteria.
good test.

also the avg. joe throws around these terms too easily, people get worried and think they have a problem.
It's gotten so bad that people are even bragging about their nonexistent diseases.

Aspie - reddit.com

OCD - reddit.com

I think it's hard for some people to accept that they're not the remarkable, unique, creative, interesting people they think they are. So they invent things to try and prove to the world that they're special snowflakes.

You also see this with the people trying to pass themselves off as "uber nerds" or "science geeks".

They know a little bit about the Star Wars universe, or they've read the back cover of The God Delusion, and suddenly they are geniuses
Quote: read the back cover of The God Delusion, and suddenly they are geniuses

yeah.. victimization or having some handicap is a badge of honor in the illuminated world.

it's also an excuse for not being "great" or "successful"

people need to accept their limitations.
The guy that Rain Man is based on didn't have autism, he was missing his fucking Corpus Callosum! I think he died recently but there were some interesting documentaries on him, read two pages at a time in a few seconds, all sorts of crazy shit.

Some of these savants can play the piano at a very high level without any prior practice or music training.
(05-30-2013 09:23 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]yeah.

Some of these savants can play the piano at a very high level without any prior practice or music training.

I saw this program about an autistic savant from England who could listen to any song just once and be able to play it with 97% plus accuracy on the piano. It was fucking amazing. He had all this professional musicians quizzing him on obscure songs and he nailed each one of them. It was truly amazing. The guy was also blind. I will see if I can find anything on him. Its been years since I've seen it and don't even remember the guys name.

Okay, it didn't take me long to find him.....


it really makes you wonder where this talent/knowledge comes from..

i am boggled at how they do these things while being retarded.. also many of them weren't taught anything.
what i'm asking is how could this knowledge pre-exist in someone's head.

Maybe there is something to morphic resonance or some type of intelligence outside of one's body people can tap into.

who knows.
Those are some interesting thoughts to ponder EY.
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