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Full Version: evilyoshida.com fashion experts advice needed
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I am a great fan of the pith helmet, around the home I wear them all the time, I have 3 different ones, 2 the tradition shape and another a more "hat" shaped.

However I am reluctant to wear them in public despite their advantages over conventions hatwear, is it acceptable to wear pith headwear to a sports event so as to shelter from heat, thrown objects such as hotdogs etc while still being waterproof in case of rainfall ?
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTy1-599HEoc28eClGOCnk...8wLVD006XA]

[Image: solar_topee_pith_helmet%255Bekm%255D510x...m%255D.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTe3viHfEw37l_RnJ4rVOs...diVOd_lUnY]
As long as it's accessorized with some mid-thigh beige shorts, I frankly don't see any problem.
Definitely the best hat for elephant hunting.
Suspenders are also necessary.
Oh man, first superCalo thread and it did not disappoint.
Supercalo, if you turn the star on the last hat 180 degrees you can wear it anywhere, and the shorts yatsuzaki mentioned would definently be a good addition
superCalo sig "mMa & Somalian Slap Fighta blogga, traina, and life coach.
Hit me up for discount rate" LMAO awesome.
LOL. supercalo is hilarious
if you're skinny you can pull off almost any look nowadays..

the fashion world favors the skinny!

these hats are interesting though.. haven't seen people wearing em.. but i'm sure they do in Japan.
I collect hats. Its fun. I don't even know what more of them are called. lol

My next one will be a steampunk top hat with googles.

Where's the up vote button. hahahaha
the up vote button is on the bottom left of each post .. the little guy on the right of find.

good video.

the first 2 hats that calo posted look good. you can totally pull off that look if you're skinny
EY you sound like a PUA
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