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Full Version: top chinese actress FAN BINGBING is in prison
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this is huge.. this is akin to putting Angelina Jolie in prison

Fan Bingbing is one of China’s biggest celebrities, a ubiquitous actress, model and singer who earned more in 2016 than Hollywood A-listers such as Amy Adams and Charlize Theron, according to Forbes.

But in July, the “X-Men” actress suddenly vanished. And in the weeks since, the mystery surrounding her disappearance from public view has only deepened amid speculation that she ran afoul of Chinese authorities.

The latest clue emerged Tuesday after a state-affiliated think tank and Beijing university ranked Fan dead last in their annual “Social Responsibility Report” — she earned a 0 out of 100 — citing her “negative social impact,” among other things.

The report, which was widely covered by state media, didn’t shed any more light on Fan’s predicament, but it does add to the sense that China's Communist Party is sending a message to the country’s burgeoning entertainment industry.

In June, days before Fan disappeared from all public events and stopped posting on social media, the party’s propaganda department, which plays a key role in media regulation and censorship, issued a notice chastising the film industry for “distorting social values,” “fostering money worship tendencies” and encouraging Chinese youths to “blindly chase celebrities.”

Other reports have since emerged that Fan is on the hook technically for tax evasion. She was accused this year on social media of signing two copies of a film contract — a practice colloquially dubbed a “yin-yang” agreement, wherein the undervalued version is submitted to tax authorities.

Even as the Communist Party steps up its push to create a Chinese cultural juggernaut that competes with the United States in “soft power,” it has become increasingly uncomfortable with the mass culture it has spawned.

In recent years, media regulators have cracked down on the reality TV industry for manufacturing child stars and warned producers against making shows that serve as “venues for displaying fame and wealth.” Propaganda authorities started inserting short vignettes reminding audiences of China’s “core socialist values” before screening feature films by the likes of Jackie Chan.

Last year, 100 top Chinese filmmakers and pop stars were summoned to study the Communist Party’s 19th Party Congress and President Xi Jinping's political theory — a situation that online wags compared to locking Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift in a room and making them read and praise President Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal.”

She learned that China has no "habaus corpus"???!!!

She's learning the haaaaaarrrrrrddddd way????!!!!

to be fair, tax evasion stuff is used to bring down people in the west too, albeit not top name stars

at the very least when China wants to set an example they don't use the avg. joe or conspiracy theorists , they go for the high profile people
Quote:Article says that Fan Bingbing was seen in the US with a L1 Visa, which is used as a political asylum Visa. Many media reports have been saying that Fan Bingbing is trying to renounce her Chinese citizenship to exile to the US, though the reason is unclear. Many think that it is due to tax evasion.

Meanwhille, Tang Wei currently is considered a resident of Hong Kong and previously abandoned her Chinese citizenship because of her role in the movie “Lust, Caution” which depicted her as a pro-Japanese. Hence, she ended up being banned from China.

On the other hand, Gong Li is currently considered a Singaporean resident and also gave up her Chinese citizenship. She told the media that this was to facilitate her travel and acting activities overseas.
Quote:A hint of scandal
But her once certain ascension was jeopardized in May, when CCTV presenter Cui Yongyuan leaked a pair of contracts that allegedly showed Fan double-billing an unidentified production, first for 10 million renminbi ($1.6 million), and then for 50 million renminbi ($7.8 million) for the same work.

The documents appeared to reveal an arrangement, known as “yin-yang” contracts, wherein one contract reflects an actor’s actual earnings while a second, lower figure is submitted to tax authorities, the BBC reported. According to the South China Morning Post, Cui then called for the Chinese authorities to “step up regulations on show business.”

In June, the Jiangsu Province State Administration of Taxation opened a tax evasion investigation focusing on the entertainment industry. Fan’s film studio, which denied the allegations, is based in Jiangsu, according to the Post.

The lack of an official statement on her whereabouts has spurred tabloid speculation that Fan was banned from acting or placed under house arrest. Last week, according to the Guardian, a report in China’s state-run Securities Journal claimed that Fan would “accept legal judgement,” though the article did not specify her offense, and was removed shortly after publication.

The whiff of impropriety has already impacted her cachet: Australian vitamin brand Swisse suspended use of Fan’s image in advertisements, while her name was removed from promotional materials for the upcoming Unbreakable Spirit, starring Bruce Willis.

Adding insult to financial and professional injury, the BBC reports that Fan has been rated last in a ranking of Chinese celebrities’ personal integrity and charitable work, scoring zero out of 100 in the 2017-2018 China Film and Television Star Social Responsibility Report published Tuesday by a Chinese university. That’s despite the fact that Fan co-founded a charity to provide surgery for children with congenital heart disease in rural Tibet, which she called her “greatest achievement” in a 2003 interview with the Financial Times. In 2015, she also donated a million renminbi ($146,000) to relatives of firemen killed in the Tianjin chemical warehouse disaster; the following year a different index listed Fan among the 10 most philanthropic Chinese celebrities.


basically this CCTV reporter screwed her because her film CELL PHONE is about his scandal
Yan Shouyi is a TV host who has an affair with Wu Yue (Fan Bingbing), a young and attractive woman working in publishing. Yan diligently erases all text messages and call records between him and Wu on his cellphone before he gets home everyday, in order to avoid detection by his wife Yu Wenjuan (Lu Zhang). One night, after telling Yu that he has a work meeting with Fei Mo (Zhang Guoli), a TV producer and Yan's superior, Yan rendezvous with Wu and switches off his cellphone. Not being able to reach Yan a while later, Yu calls Fei, who has been in the know of Yan's affair.

plot of CELL PHONE

the cctv reporter who leaked the docs was the subject of the film CELL PHONE

which had a sequel in 2018... when this movie came out he leaked the docs
she is popular because she has white as white skin

[Image: Fan-Bingbing-960x576.jpg]
she's whiter than the white people around her lol

[Image: 136293147_14950626128001n.jpg]
I'm not sure what's going on in China but the leadership seems to be developing a bunker mentality. Over-reacting to everything that makes them feel threatened. It's cascading out to the citizens also. It's interesting to watch play out.
it has gotten a lot stricter in the last few years, as I correctly predicted years ago

China needs to know that some of this stuff is not giving them good PR.

ORDERLY ARRESTS based on precedent or rule of law is the key
also China has to realize that if their actors and musicians have to conform to "ideologically acceptable" material, they SIMPLY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPETE with the rest of the world, hence lose the entire soft power potential of their nation.

the trick is BALANCE
China has given up on challenging on Hollywood and its global media machine.

That is what this tells me.


the best defense is a good offense

without soft power, China will not be able to maintain its image abroad or at home going forward.

Arts, entertainment, music, sports etc. are PILLARS OF SOFT POWER
Bingbing in the Chinese Sing Sing???!!!
she got released.. she was a in club fed for the past few months:

According to Chinese tax authorities, Fan and her companies will be paying $129 million (883 million yuan) in back taxes, fines, and other penalties. Should Fan pay sooner than later, she will reportedly be able to avoid criminal prosecution.


China needs money? very hefty fine imo
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