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Full Version: The Blonde Blue eyed woman is the most beautiful female type on planet earth.
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OK< so i grew up away from all asians and I didnt date any asian girls till i was out of college. So maybe i am programmed -anyway, i am weak to blonde blue eyed women.
i.e- check out Olivia Newton John from the 1980's (isn't she lovely?)

[Image: olivia.jpg]

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
there is simply no equal. God is not fair.

You can grow up watching Asian cinema like me in communist China. Chinese women beautiful. CHinese woman's silky hair. Chinese woman's skin. Chinese woman's delicacy. As soon as you let me land on foreign soil, it's game over.

just like you cannot program men to horde black women regardless of how many Whitney's and Beyonce's and black is beautiful brain washing.

You cannot lie to biology.

natural selection puts the nordic beauty at the very top of the beauty food chain. everything else is cope.
I agree with with DonJohnson -100%. The issue is the Blue Eyed Blonde hair caucasian girls age bad. except for Liz Phair. (50 years old!!)

[Image: b6b0eda48ed58dd59dda7a4e1371fdf5--fantas...search.jpg]

[Image: Krystal+Steal3.JPG]

[Image: 52ddb5549ce0dd34fb43d37b17444958--jessic...mpsons.jpg]
yepBig Grin
nope. imo they age better than asian women.

asian women get yellowy and witchy looking once they get to 40's. not to mention they have no boobs/ass to save anything. when the asian female starts going grey it's game over. if she dyes her hair she look like a straight up witch.

her sex appeal is straight up gone.

i've proven this beyond a shadow of doubt many times. when you go search Milf porn. it's 99% white women. why? because they retain their sex appeal much longer. if Asian or Black women aged better, the demand for their crikity rikity asses would be there. there simply aren't any.

White women still glow hotter with her wrinkles and all.
hum good point about the MILF porn. ......

I am contradicting myself- here is my acting coach she is 50-

[Image: 8425729087a171355ab7d3f620e3ff44-124074.jpg]

back to Olivia Newton John from 1980-
[Image: R-977732-1180040525.jpeg.jpg]
gotta agree. The funny thing is that back when TV and Movies used to promote almost exclusively blonde women I wasn't that into them. I"ve come around to them on my own.
I like blondes.. My ex wife was blonde with greenish eyes.

I still think a true Latina is the hottest women in the world. They got it all. Those Columbians and Argentinians and Puerto Ricans...

They're the baddest IMO...
[Image: beautiful-curvy-colombian-woman.jpg]

You stick her in a room full of blonde hair blue eyes and it's game over...
it really matters most how a person takes care of themselves. If they make some effort then they will age well. The problem is people become lazy about age and use it as some excuse not to take care of themselves.

I am a short feller so I could say, "what's the point" and then just be lazy about making some effort to influence a handsome presentation but instead I feel inspired to make more effort and so maintain a youthful appearance even in my 40s where I am often mistaken for a younger man and sometimes even a student!

And it keeps my youthful in spirit too and I try not to be some old guy always complaining about politics which will result in physical signs of aging and also is very unattractive to women.
......and as a mature male which is young in spirit I prefer a mature matronly female structure which feels comfortable for cuddling requirements when I need a cuddle when tired, watching a show, a cold night or some other cause for comfort.

and I like to look up from my book reading to see a stout structure at work in the kitchen preparing a fantastic feast for the evening meal!
a TRADITIONAL Japanese female will possess the attributes I find to be most attractive. She will present a robust matronly structure and be responsible in her money management habits plus she will make a honest effort in the kitchen.

There is NO perfect woman though and she will test her man's spirit with her aggravating challenges to usurp his authority and she will need a tight leash and a firm hand to keep her satisfied and she will respect nothing less.

The problem is also that such a woman can also be easily corrupted by modern Americanism which can rot her natural disposition and sabotage her man's efforts to maintain harmony. It is really a battle to combat the impact of external influences.
all valid points-

IMO- i still go with her

[Image: img_0]
I disagree

Asian women to me age better in general.

long straight flowing black hair, porcelain skin, and I actually like the sharp upward slanted eyes

also if you observe western beauty standards, they straighten their hair, and make their eyes look sharper with the upward slant

they also seek GREAT clear skin, and remove body hair

here is an example of a great looking asian, park jin hee korean actress.

[Image: 2014040400884_0.jpg]
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