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Full Version: Hip Hop Fan REACTS To Pink Floyd's Time
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That prism is turning our light gay!
Isn't this the one that you sync up with the start of Wizard of Oz?

Not my favorite Pink Floyd song, but only because I always thought the start of it was so jarring as a teenager (listening with headphones, on high volume, obv).
The beginning has a similarity to a modern hip hop beat just after a build - up sorta like a break. They probably thought puff daddy invented beats and drums.

It's all white men, sorry to burst your bubble.
the sound design is superb on that one

musically it's simple.. but the spaces created, the reverberation, the mixing is spot on
The black people I've known over the years really like Pink Floyd after they hear them.

Pink Floyd were one of the forerunners of electronic music

they used a lot of interesting sound design and cutting edge for the time equipment
The band and some purists praise him but they got ten times better after Syd was kicked out.
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