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Full Version: Nate Diaz got paid 7 million for his last fight?
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It didn’t take long for Nate Diaz to respond to Bruce Buffer after the longtime UFC ring announcer ripped the fighter for his gripes about being underpromoted.

“I love Nate, but he’s always got a bad taste in his mouth,” Buffer recently told TMZ Sports. “Nate, I heard you made $7 [million] or more dollars on your last fight. I don’t want to hear you complaining about being underpromoted by the UFC.

“You should be thanking the UFC and bowing to Dana White every time you see him, (and) Ari Emmanuel, Patrick Whitesell. You’ve got $7 [million] or more dollars gross, before taxes, maybe much more – which I love knowing that you have, Nate. Please – I don’t want to hear any more.”

Diaz didn’t take kindly to Buffer’s suggestion that he bow to White and the UFC’s owners for the money that he’s made while competing within the Las Vegas-based promotion. According to the Stockton, Calif., native, he will “bow down to no one ever, for all the money [in the world].”

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Douche Buffer.
how the hell would nick get conor money?
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