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Full Version: Korean NYT reporter calls for white genocide, NYT defends her
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She gets a pass as do most minorities. But let a White person say something like she said and they will be roasted forever after.
ugliness is a sentence worse than death.

ugliness fills one with hatred and bitterness. it's a sad existence.
Isn't the New York Times CEO the guy who covered up for Jimmy Savile while running the BBC?

If you hate white men so much, why live in a country they built?

There are lots of countries to live not built by white people. Most of them are know as "The 3rd World".

You don't see any liberals moving there though.
seems like asians are falling into the white liberal trap of accepting victim status

they should throw her in cage with Ronda Rousey. It would be fun to see Rousey spank her like how Couture spanked Tito
so the girl calls for genocide of 100s of millions of people... and NYT is defending her?

(08-05-2018 05:13 AM)pug-thug Wrote: [ -> ]so the girl calls for genocide of 100s of millions of people... and NYT is defending her?


Because she was harassed first, apparently.
I have been trying to warn Occidentals that Orientals are not different from the Occidental and the same bad, trashy, and/or criminal behavior observed in Occidental culture can be observed in Oriental people.

That latest Rambo movie did a good job to capture this when he warned those kind Occidental missionary people "don't go up there" and then look what happened to them!

Why didn't those missionary people instead go live in some precarious USA Ghetto to tell the "Good Word"? Because it was too risky so they thought those Orientals would show them more reverence but instead they were lucky Rambo was watching out for them!
then there was Walt of the Gran Torino movie which just wanted to sit on his porch and admire his well manicured lawn but then there came that Oriental infestation and they began trashing the place up. But some were good people and he made friends with them which just lead to trouble for him.

Don't people learn anything from movies?
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